This Woman Survived A Bear Attack With The Help Of Her Dogs | Pet Heroes S1 EP4 | Wonder


When a woman hikes into the dense forest with just her dog as company, she is well and truly on her own. Her gentle walk turns into a fight for survival when she comes face-to-face with a hungry grizzly.

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Date: May 11, 2020

24 thoughts on “This Woman Survived A Bear Attack With The Help Of Her Dogs | Pet Heroes S1 EP4 | Wonder

  1. As someone who survived a bull mastiff bite on several occasions and also witnessing my pit/lab mix crunch/shred the leg of my coydog in self-defense, I know the devastating power and pain of dog jaws-big, aggressive breeds or game-bred pitties of medium size are what you need by your side in bear/cougar country(along with a firearm of course)

  2. If bear attacks us, we must scream in plaintive as loud as we can. Because bear doesn't like the human sounds. That's how we will be able manage to escape. But we should never forget to carry our gun for defense. Every creatures in the wild are against us.

  3. I think cats n small dogs are always great to have around for rodents n small snakes n things we cant see while dogs great for bigger animals like wolfs coyotes n cougers

  4. I stay away from areas where these wild animals roam unless i have the proper fighting dogs who can keep me alert and guns i would not go anywhere otherwise give me 10 kangels n a few shot guns like a 3030 a 12 gadge and a few hand guns like a 44 and 50 cal n proper gear food drinks n tools i would be able to live in the worse jungles in africa with the proper protection i just named i would not let my dogs fight these wild animals all i would need them to do is alert me n id take care of it with my 3030 but i would never go in the woods without the proper dogs n guns .

  5. hhmmm no scars at all not even little ones ….sure this is the same woman ….NOT shes laughing omg smh shes so faulse, if you DONT like MY opinion DONT reply im NOT in the habit of arguing with so called adults

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