This Woman Was Kidnapped From Her Home And Taken Abroad | Paradise Lost S1 EP8 | Wonder


After feeling trapped in her life at home, one woman decided to escape to Turkey in search of a more exciting life. Little did she know, that decision would change her life forever.

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Presenting real-life tales of foreign dreams that became bone-chilling nightmares, Paradise Lost captures what it’s like to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…and a long way from home.

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Date: May 20, 2020

29 thoughts on “This Woman Was Kidnapped From Her Home And Taken Abroad | Paradise Lost S1 EP8 | Wonder

  1. Even in the chat rooms you can get a sense that middle eastern men have an entitled attitude when speaking to women . Her friend wasn't happy about her relationship with this man . Maybe she should have taken more notice of her friend.

  2. I think…young kids owns or have full rights to have both mother and father in their childhood….as long as they are alive….shame on you..as a human if you are not available when they need you most….everyone knows that even a one day old child can survive without any parents…u can't be a good human being if u can't have time for your kid for your personal preferences

  3. It honestly takes nothing for her to find a new man🙄 she is such a fool I can't even stand the look on her stupid worthless face!!!!!!! Did she even want her son?!

  4. Sorry about your dad. If any guy treated my daughter that way I would immediately break his fking face. And what idiot put out an Interpol alert and didn't mention the fact that he had her kidnapped and was wanted in England?

  5. I'm flabbergasted, as one says in the 🇬🇧. As an American male I must say. I'm "flabbrrgasted" at this entire scenario. Maybe because I've never been in this predicament, and never will be.

  6. Im not even a bit surprised when the guy dragged his wife when he found her drinking and smoking with her father. I mean what kind of father does that and on top of that in a conservative regime ffs. They have different cultures and have different triggers.

  7. She didn't expect from a turkish man not to act like a civilized to his wife?
    if anyone wonders where does all this stupidity come from, i ve got u the answer: Political correctness

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