This Women Was Wrongly Imprisoned In Kenya | Paradise Lost S1 EP1 | Wonder


In this opening episode of Paradise Lost, one woman comes face-to-face with corruption when she moves to Kenya to pursue her dream.

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Presenting real-life tales of foreign dreams that became bone-chilling nightmares, Paradise Lost captures what it’s like to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…and a long way from home.

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Date: May 10, 2020

45 thoughts on “This Women Was Wrongly Imprisoned In Kenya | Paradise Lost S1 EP1 | Wonder

  1. Dearest privileged and naive first world citizens:

    Please, don't move to third world countries. Stay in your nice safe homes in your boring safe countries. For yor own wellbeing. Nothing here is even remotely fun or relaxed and you would need a very special set of skills to survive here which you don't have.

    Sincerely, a girl from a third world country that cares about you.

  2. Am a Kenyan and my heart goes to this woman but there are always two sides to a story and something doesn't add up. How comes this lady kept going to these shady people instead of the UK embassy? There is also a huge expert community here where foreigners interact but the only person mentioned that she knew was this neighbor who sent her to Nairobi? Hmmm…as a local, and someone who is equally married interracial there lots of questions I have about this story. Also to the people who did the story, what does the Kenyan flag have to do with all this?

  3. Moff was scheming her with the permit guy, poor girl. Moffet is just an uneducated fool who keeps saying its in our heritage, “in Africa we have a saying “ “in Africa blah blah blah” yet he has not gone beyond Kenya, doesnt not speak or know customs of people beyond his domain in watamu stupid guy they deserved each other. Moffet is a kisii living in Watamu, you put two and two together you realise he was living his dream.

  4. Not 1 person so far I will stick up for muphet or whatever although where’s his famil n where’s his tribe getting involved???! Where where where???!! But man ion video so far seems sincere unless he’s waiting to get big payout from. Beneficiary when they figure way to kill her if her family went down there atleast for awhile would have helped. Where we’re. They. .??!! N her not calling them again 1 mistake after another she is borderline mentally disabled don’t wanna use the.

  5. So they gave a c section when she didn’t need 1. Or what??? All she need was n epidural for the labor n baby comes out natural n unless spinal whitc is last minute but unless her health was at risk due to complications which atleast the doctor atleast could have stayed awake to overek'o

  6. They didn’t kill her b cuz more $$$as sum 1 else another blogger or commenter saidkept sayin she was broke when they knew she had more money to get again or she’d be dead n knowhere else

  7. She had no mothe r she said was she pass Ed or father where was he n siblings probably b cuz they got mad after cute compared to mophedoor whatever where was his family so tribe also weird to say the least but the knew she had more $$$$ or she would actually have been buried. Then

  8. If she didn’t have $$$ she would have been dead only reason I suspect is they we’re afraid here country n family start up problems whitch also would effect tourism reason 2 she’s still alive is she even as other blogger said keeps saying she’s broke but comes up with 💰 only other reasons she’s still alive but guess what she did 1. Smart thing she did was didn’t have or bring child or children or pets worst b cuz theyd b tortured n gone

  9. Only reason they didn’t bury her alive 2 reasons 1 assuming atleast to them people knew like white neighborhood her so called boyfriend n for all they know her family whom y she didn’t keep in contact with via Skype or if computer’s weren’t around or big back then there’s a thing called a phone n she had $$ I know because when they first came out I had 1 n did my husband married twice y judge n regular catholic wedding whitch we both were so I don’t remember if they even got officially married anyways. Where was her family n 4 that matter his family. N were was his so called tribe for help????!!!

  10. N noti she said ever dirty filt sleeve bag s her friend n gave her ton of money n their all poor st hand over the money she should have put up a stand money stop here haha sooo frickin dumb thee appopidime I know I’ve got a 133 IQ n probably spelled wrong but but stand here pick up free money like they gonna let sum not even mixed with dark hair but a bleach blonde hair miss piggy now looks x Hawaiian tropic model n so on but still irritated that she’s a platinum blonde making the stereo typical of that hair color

  11. Muphet or whatever I’m sure was at a crossroad n by the way where’s his family hmm???!! But crossroads meaning go with the scam n starting to care about her he warned her nits been long since I’ve seen just remembering dumbest women on earth n makes us platinum blondes look dumb although u can tell between what I have reverse ombré mines white on top n n slowly goes darker blonde all the way to light golden blonde when I go straight wavy or spiral curl more golden to mixed to Carmel mixed so u probably thinking idiot talking about hair but that’s the difference between class n what he’s got still hate that she’s that color fitting into old stereotypes which I tend to do in other ways didn’t mophet get her out of jail the actor anyway seemed generally angry saying he wanted to eat sum 1 haha n there in Kenya gotta feeling he wasn’t joking n kept warning her so I think he was in scam but especially after she got pregnant was second guessing his part

  12. Again no man that looks like that n he’s thee actor who always looks better then real person horrific hygene teeth 🦷 clearly poor would have 💰 if he could do all thar

  13. Who is that frickin unbelievably stupid to get taken over never novel like atleast 40 times she’s mentally challenged disabled very least. Mildly retarted to be that frickin dumb like a child that bpneeds help with maturity etc etc

  14. Dumb filthy discusting retatared find apperently checked Kenya out via private eye hire lawyers from both us n Kenya white white white!!!! N mabe mabe 1 black Kenyan lawyer n a us white lawyer allowed to. Practice abroad if not forget it!! Period and of story!!!!!

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