Thomas Markle Confesses In Daily Mail Interview That He Took Drugs When Meghan Markle Was Young


Thomas Markle opened up to the Daily Mail on Sunday, admitting he took drugs when he was raising Meghan, but hasn’t taken recreational drugs “for more than 20 years.” Access has reached out to Thomas about his comments to the Daily Mail.
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Thomas Markle Confesses In Daily Mail Interview That He Took Drugs When Meghan Markle Was Young | Access



Date: September 3, 2019

15 thoughts on “Thomas Markle Confesses In Daily Mail Interview That He Took Drugs When Meghan Markle Was Young

  1. Sorry to say but he and the brother look like creepy peados, the sister is vile a insect the poor girl is better off never speaking or having anything to do with them again they r a disgrace the poor girl can't breath with there constant narcissistic hounding of her, she has more grace in her little finger than the vile family will ever have,they r vultures

  2. Samantha is trying to say all he did was weed. Weed would not be the drug that you take to stay UP and work for 16 hrs straight like he said that he worked. Meghan was a teenager in his home when he was doing drugs. Could that be why she left? Thomas is trying to make Meghan choose between him and Harry. He is going to lose.

  3. I don’t like the guy but this isn’t the way you deal with your father. His first interview I found him to be obnoxious! He cared more about taking jabs at trump than he did guarding his daughter’s private conversations. With that said, Meghan’s occult followers doesn’t see anything wrong with her only inviting celebrities to her wedding. That’s definitely Something a social climber would do. I don’t know many people that get along with family but they still get invited to a wedding. Kate has disgusting family members. Her niece and nephew didn’t deserve that. This woman cannot speak about loving mentally ill family nor can she say she tried. What if he committed suicide? This man is sounding very desperate.

  4. Thomas is bullying Meghan to talk to him. That is not the way to go. Bullying does not work in this case. She cannot trust him . Maybe she should just call , ask how he is ,tell him she loves him and just hang up the phone hoping that satisfy him for now.

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