Thousands on streets of Belarus demand resignation of President Lukashenko – BBC News


The largest anti-Government protests since last week’s disputed elections have been taking place in Belarus. It’s estimated that 100,000 people have taken to the streets demanding that President Alexander Lukashenko steps down.

President Lukashenko, who’s been in power for 26 years, has claimed the country is under threat from foreign forces and is refusing to step down.

His opponents accuse him of rigging the presidential election and unleashing a violent crackdown against protesters and political opponents.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Jonah Fisher in the capital Minsk.

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Date: October 18, 2020

50 thoughts on “Thousands on streets of Belarus demand resignation of President Lukashenko – BBC News

  1. Brave women are protesting against dictator A.Lukashenko
    Womens are writing new history
    in Belarus. They want to show how strong they are!!

  2. After EU, US hits Belarus with curbs
    The US imposed sanctions on eight Belarusian officials on Friday.
    The move came after the EU announced sanctions on 40 peoples, including the interior minister.

  3. The people are defending their constitutional rights. There is no way to back. They are protecting their democracy.

  4. By the way, All Belarussians pay only $10-40 for home utilities (they average monthly salary is around $500), at the same time US people pay around 300-400 for home utilities, Ukrainians pay $120-180 per month (average salary is $250). Child care period is 3 years with payment around 70% of they salary. Day care for Belarussians is around $20-30 only. The government pays about $1200-2000 every time if mother got baby. There is NO Property tax in Belarus. There is NO any payment for medical service, all are free! Medical emergency is free, education is free, car insurance is just $10 per month, the country economic is growing while Lukashenko is President! At this time Ukrainian economic is falling down last 20 years despite Ukrainian Presidents are changed almost every 5 years and despite Ukrainian Revolution…


    If you watch this video you will understand that this "revolution" is Fascists recreation in Belarus. Watch attentively and note what flag colors are on that photos. The same flag all protects hold in Belarus meeting now!

    Also you can find the Hitler portrait which Belarussian are holding in their hands while German occupation in Belarus in 1941.


    London: Britain has imposed sanctions on Belarusian President A.Lukashenko, his son and six other senior government officials following the disputed presidential election and a crackdown on protesters in Belarus

    UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab
    said on Tuesday that the sanctions were introduced as part of a coordinated approach with Canada " in a bid to uphold democratic values and put pressure on those responsible for repression"

    The measures include a travel ban and asset freeze. Similar sanctions were imposed by Canada.
    The British government said Lukashenko is the first leader to have been sanctioned under Brititain's new global human rights sanctions programme, introduced in July AP

  6. Aum mane padme hum l Aum yamakanta khatuneeyars l naka bum dorji boi drap l aum hiri shirthi vikrantans hum phat l HURRAH★/_∆

  7. ПОРА УНИЧТОЖАТЬ СЕМЬИ СИЛОВИКОВ ЧТОБЫ ИМ НЕКУДА БЫЛО ВЕРНУТЬСЯ или нечего хорошего не ждите вас просто власть будет уничтожать…

  8. ЖЫвЕ БЕЛАРУСЬ!!!Alive USA!!!!ЖЫвЕ Хабаровск!!!⚪🔴⚪✌️✊

  9. In Belarus some bloggers became well known and got a lot supporters. What did they tried to do? Yes, to get the power, well to try to get the power. Why? there is an answer to that question too. You get the power, you get all the money. We are talking about billions. But just for a few guys. What about the other people, the supporters? They are just morons. Sorry but that is the fact, not an opinion.

  10. So the BBC are covering the protests in Belarus but not covering the protests in London in the BBC's home country of the UK. Some 10,000 people attended a huge demonstration yesterday, protesting the corrupt, inhuman and undemocratic system that covid has highlighted. Across the world our rights and freedoms are being taken away at a frightening speed yet the BBC gave ZERO coverage to this. Shame on the BBC.

  11. I wish the BBC was as eager to cover Berlin last 1st August, with 2 million people in the street against liberticid covid measures & fear propaganda for a virus with a 99.96% survival rate. But no, that probably doesn't serve their narrative (globalist & satanist).

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  13. Беларусы – у вас мала выбару: лукашэнка альбо габрэі, якія возьмуць усё годнае ў вашай краіне і ператвораць вас у сваіх рабоў. Мы, палякі, ужо перажылі гэта. Не памыляйцеся. Выбар застаецца ў вашых руках і галовах.

  14. Белорусы – у вас небольшой выбор: Лукашенка или евреи, которые возьмут все достойное в вашей стране и превратят вас в своих рабов. Мы, поляки, это уже испытали. Не делайте нашей ошибки. Выбор по-прежнему в ваших руках и головах.

  15. I think more or less everything is fraught in this news and similar kind of news.

    One example are comments below – just try to check on the ones who comments those – those accounts are bots, they do not have any videos uploaded (or if have – then only garbage videos), they do not have any play list. This is bot army of spammers.

    If you cross compare these news to the ones which are reported from Belarus itself or Russia – those news are complete opposite.

    Such revolutions already manifested in Georgia and in Ukraine – they do not lead to anything to anything useful.

    I would not like to belief something that based on scam and bot army – I'm not sure who is pulls the strings here, but puzzled that youtube does not do anything about it.

  16. 今天全地球人應該起來像對付全球新冠肪炎一樣消滅西方民主詐騙集團政治騙子,打擊他們在全球各處散播民主病毒癌細胞,避免全球人類人傳人感染受苦受難



  17. Did you know that Lucashenko called all the protesters narks? Oh well. Looking at all of those narks there i can't stop but wonder just how mexican narco mafia kings should totaly learn some stuff from belarus' narko mafia.

  18. Hypocritical BBC.Where are the western "experts" now to call protestants "covidiots" becouse no one wears masks here not even bbc journalist.Obviously they don't mind now.

  19. Idiots – chose the poverty, chose the uncertainty, chose the Western morans, who cant wait to make more money out of you lot – just like from Russia, Ukraine etc. Опомнитесь, придурки

  20. RALLY
    Please don't believe this utter BS people. Do your own alternative research. Most important, finally get off your backsides and get demonstrating before the UK 2nd lockdown start at the end of August, middle of September 2020. It will go on for weeks on end and life will never return to how you previously knew it. Covid 19, is just the trojan horse to scare you all into complete submission. As I see, its working well with you lot. You're more worried about when or how long your pubs will be open for, meanwhile your children or grandchildren aren't allowed to have the education which is their right. You tax-payers fund this, you know! Or your loved ones life-saving OP is still on hold and you just accept this!

    The next final lockdown – "great finale", before you can say bye, bye to your basic human rights, was already planned in June 2020. Merkel has basically wrapped this all up with Gates in 2015 in Berlin while the world was sleeping. Boris, Merkel, Macron, the whole bloody lot were bribed millions by the WHO/Gates to force the 1st. lockdown. Both Angela Merkel and Theresa May were trained by Rothschild as youngsters. You/we didn't vote for them, this was pre planned and organised by Rothschild only. The facts are there to be found, just do your own research! The only one who refused the WHO bribe is Lukaschenko. Do your research. If Germany can wake up, so can you!

    I'm truly shocked that you're all still buying into this, running around like grateful zombies, while Nicola and Boris throw a narcissistic morsel of freedom in your direction now and again. This is how spirit is broken. Wake the fe*k up people and fight for your rights. This won't happen parked on your couch in front of this fake-news, mind-fuckery channel.   Laziness, fear of a killer-virus which never was. Accepting, almost begging for a vaccine which usually takes up to 9 years to be legally permitted to administer. The Covid 19 virus has a similar structure to HIV virus. Ask yourself why they still haven't come up with a vaccine for HIV yet in over 20 years? Or even cancer? Do your research.

    More people die of the common flu per year. Just do your maths and compare the regular death rates per year in the UK, with the actual current rates. In Germany roughly 100.000 people die per year due to various causes. From March 2020 until August 2020. About 10.000 people died with or because of Covid. Most of the people were old, hospital beds are still empty, staff are being put in part time work, or fired because lack of work. Urgent operations are meanwhile being postponed and more people are dying because they are being denied treatment for other ailments.

    Through sheer ignorance, fear of rejection from friends, work colleagues and family or just simply turning a blind eye to what the Nazis were really up to years ago, tragically cost many a lifes as you know. To my great astonishment, because I would more expect this fighting-siprit from my fellow Scots. I'm relieved to say that the Germans are well and truly woke and refuse to be duped again and are not only protesting for their own freedom in Germany but for the whole god damn world. The next rally in Berlin – 3 /4 million people are expected this time on the 29.08.2020. Starts at 10:30 AM – Brandenburger Gate.

    There was over 1 million on the 01.08.2020 in Berlin last time. As a witness I can confirm this. Get off your couch before its too late. If you believe you're already suffering because of the Plandemic, you're not and haven't, the worst is yet to come. Only you will be no longer be fearing a virus, but fines, imprisonment, unemployment and dying of the mandatory kill-bill vaccine, which will be solely exploding the bank accounts of the very people you're are obeying right now! WAKE UP AND DO THE WORK!

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  22. At least they don't destroy their country businesses and kill people like our fools do! If you feel like slaves then what you're doing is right. If the Democrats here win they'll try to make us into slaves. Then we will have to do what you're doing!

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