Tiger Woods press conference after record-tying 82nd PGA Tour win


Tiger Woods (left) made sports history by winning the most PGA tournaments when he defeated Hideki Matsuyama (right) within three strokes at the Zozo Championship in Japan on Monday. The victory ties Woods with the legendary Sam Snead (bottom), who holds the record with 82 victories. Up next for Woods is a chance to wear the captain’s hat at the Presidents Cup for Team USA at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club in December.

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Date: November 19, 2019

23 thoughts on “Tiger Woods press conference after record-tying 82nd PGA Tour win

  1. I had a blood clot days ago, a surgery 10 days ago. I'm diying. Tiger Woods give energy. I like him so much and I'm so happy for him. I hope he will win majors and I hope he will reach 100 wins. He will never give up on anything and this is what I try to do as well. I hope to live to see Tiger play again, It keeps me a live.

  2. Tiger has shown why he is the Greatest Golfer the world has ever seen . For those who doubted that he could come back after all the issues he had – Tiger has proved you wrong ! GO TIGER !!!

  3. Tiger lost 5 YEARS…because of his "swing coach" Sean Foley—who ruined Tiger's swing. Foley is a FRAUD… and knows nothing about teaching a proper golf swing. He should be banned from the Pro Tour… and *blacklisted.* Tiger would have 20 Majors by now….if it wasn't for Sean Foley. Let's just hope Tiger can stay healthy for about another 5 years. 👍

  4. This ZoZo tour win was a amazing lesson in golf. Tiger is the Tom Brady of golf. Early 40s and better than most 20 to 30 year old players in the game today. What a blast to watch tiger play.

  5. Sungod…..My opinion and its just that…..an opinion…..records are kept to show who is best at a certain thing at a certain time yes?……but records as we know will always be a target for people to aspire to….Roger Bannister ran the first sub 4 mins as an example…..he was acclaimed to be the best ever….and was….at that time…. now its commonplace to run under 4 mins……Ben Hogan Gene Sarazin Seve….all great in their time….Ali Foreman even Tyson who I despise as a human are/were great…….but its all subjective apart from the record books……for me its how you conduct yourself and apart from your sporting achievements there a lot of other factors to make a true legend…..I am not talking about his sexuality that is not on the agenda lets face it more than 70 % of relationships fall apart and I will never cast a stone on anyone for that or any other reason….but I do feel that albeit Tiger has had and still has a fantastic record in his chosen sport he is not the legend he wants to be…….and……he didnt start the academy until After his break up with his ex wife…..he was rich enough to do so but I feel he was coerced or advised to do so to help with his fall from grace with his fans

  6. Tiger is the Greatest Player…
    Jack is the Greatest Champion…
    Tiger just needs to surpass Jack in Majors and he'll have both titles and the debate will be settled

  7. If Tiger wins in 2020, a major, a tournament, he will have won in each decade. 1990's, 2000's, 2010's, 2020's. 40 years…when a lot of the tour weren't even born yet. The fact that he's had numerous surgeries to continue playing, and still come out on top, shows that it's not only the body that matters, but the skill and the mind as well. The fact that Brooks Koepka couldn't participate because of an injury, shows how much stress and torque is required in this sport. But like many before him, their careers are hampered by injuries, and are not as effective when they come back to the game. David Duval, Bubba, Davis Love III, are a few I remember at the top of their game, and never returned to glory much after their injuries. With Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Brooke's Koepka, the big ball hitters, so much torque on their spines, knees, shoulders etc, something has to give. When Brooks won 2 US. Opens in a row, it was like hmm…he can contend for Tiger's records too, but now it's a wait and see how he returns to form. We will have many more long ball hitters, but something has to give, and it's not the club, it's not the ball, it's the body that will give first. What Tiger proved on this win, it's not how far you drive, it's how you arrive.

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