Tom Felton Says He 'GIVES UP' & Fans Are Worried!


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Harry Potter’s Tom Felton recently shared a dark post on his Instagram page that has his fans really worried about him.What’s up guys? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and we all know that mental health issues can impact anyone, including celebrities.And it seems like Tom Felton is the latest celebrity to open up about his struggles.Tom recently took to Instagram and shared a blank, black post writing quote, “I give up with you.” And he didn’t elaborate any more than that, which obviously led to fans asking him if he is ok. Some people thought it could be about his mental health, others thought it could be about Brexit, and others thought it could be about Emma Watson.But regardless of what it’s about, fans flooded the comment section sending Tom love and many of them also prayed that things get better for him for whatever he is facing.And thankfully, Tom has shared a few pics since then, so it appears that he’s ok. Some fans though think that the dark post might have something to do with his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson.Why might you ask? Well, people are pointing out that Emma is no longer following Tom on Instagram. It’s unclear when exactly she decided to unfollow but it’s definitely SUS.Because, in case you missed it, fans have been convinced that Emma and Tom have been secretly dating for years.And these rumors heightened a few weeks ago when Rupert Grint AKA Ron Weasley said he could see Emma and Tom dating.Rupert was asked by Entertainment Tonight about the Emma/Tom romance rumors that surfaced on social media back in August.In case you don’t remember what rumors I’m talking about, while there was no confirmation of an actual romance, Tom and Emma were seen spending what fans thought was a suspicious amount of time together.Tom posted this pic of him and Emma on Instagram, and it made the Dramione shipper in me nearly explode.Allow me to break this photo down for you.First of all, they look extremely cozy together in South Africa while wearing their pajamas as Tom teaches Emma how to play the guitar.Which obviously sparked about a thousand more questions in my head like…Why were they in South Africa together? Were they working on another movie together? Or did they have a sleepover? Was it a “just friends” sleepover or are they dating? Why else would they be in pajamas together? Who took the picture? We never actually got confirmation of anything at that time, but we never stopped asking questions because we knew that both Emma and Tom were single at the time.And like we just said, Rupert said that he wouldn’t be surprised if something did happen between them because of their Harry Potter days, though nothing is happening right now.He went on to explain the chemistry between Emma and Tom. And the Dramione shippers could not contain their excitement on Twitter.And this quote from Rupert got us excited because both Emma and Tom have talked about their single status recentlyEmma WAS spotted kissing a man in October but told Vogue UK in a more recent interview that she’s not dating anyone currently.She is only really dating herself right now.And while Tom is single too, he added fuel to the fire when he spoke about his former co-star to Daily Mail last week and he could not stop gushing over her.And so what on earth happened between last week when he said that and this week when he posted the all black IG photo and she unfollowed him.We don’t know but we hope everything is okay between them! And we hope Tom is doing better since he shared that post.
And we couldn’t agree more.But I want to know what you guys think.
Do you think something happened between Emma and Tom? And do you think these two were secretly dating at some stage recently, and maybe just broke up?
Let me know down in the comments below. After that, click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Sussan Mourad and have a great day.

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Date: February 15, 2020

44 thoughts on “Tom Felton Says He 'GIVES UP' & Fans Are Worried!

  1. Not meant to be rude or anything but I think this has just gone to far, just because he posted an alarming post you dont have to ask Rupert about it.I mean it's nice that you guys don't want him to have a bad mental health or anything and neither do I , I know you just want to be there for him and I do too,but its Tom's private life and just because it seems like it's about Emma doesnt mean it is . (I'm not saying that it isnt)It could also be about a family member passing away or something.

    just give celebrities a bit of freedom,goodness.

  2. Tom and Emma are friends. Friends. FRIENDS. THEY HAVE VERIFIED THAT THEY ARE FRIENDS. You guys need to get it into your thick heads that actors and characters are different. You ship dramione? Yeah cool. Feltson? They are friends. Tom said it himself. Get over it. The fact that you talked about feltson literally the whole time is mind blowing.

  3. All this stupid gossiping isn't helping anyone's mental health. Have you thought about that? Can people please get over the Tom Emma romance shite? They were TEENS as Rupert explains. It might as well have been about his hair. Long hair can be a true pain. He does wear his hair short again these days.

    Tom was actually in Belgium for a new film recently and I have to say he looked good based off the pictures that were made. Well-rested and healthy. I met him at a convention last year and I felt bad how tired he looked back then. Possibly a bad case of jetlag but still…you could tell he wasn't all there. We all have ups and downs in our life. Give this humble man a break.

  4. I hope Tom your okay. We love you and miss you Tom of your on screen awesome presence!! I still remember the Draco Malfoy who slayed with his intense attitude but is a soft human being from inside!! Stay happy and wish you great success for your future/life!!! 😀 ♡♡♡

  5. It’s seems Tom is finally fed up with a lot of people’s BS. And I honestly don’t blame him. Seems like everyones been on him and Emma Watson quite recently. And it’s obviously taking a toll on their Friendship. People just really need to learn to mind their own business. If their dating,who cares It’s their lives and if their not Then shut up and get over it. Life ain’t no fairytale. 🙄😠😡

  6. they are both still following each other i’m sure they are just friends i really hope they are both doing okay with everyone all ways starting rumors or theories please leave them alone they are human to!

  7. To think about it, since the two are close friends, why would Tom go at Emma like that? I feel like he's had to deal with a lot of assumptions with fans thinking the two are a couple. I'm not sure what exactly is happening with Tom, but I hope more than anything that he's alright now.

  8. I knew that Emma Watson hasn’t been following Tom for more than 2 months (even after Tom has posted pics of her w him. I think I have seen a comment from Emma on some of his posts here and there but I haven’t seen Emma follow him (which is weird ik) but trust me I don’t think the post had anything to do with Emma.

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