Tom Harwood Discusses Remainers' Surrender Bill on Sky News


36 thoughts on “Tom Harwood Discusses Remainers' Surrender Bill on Sky News

  1. No deal is a fraud. No government can survive the economic chaos or the reemergence of civil war in Northern Ireland. Anyone who is in charge after Brexit will go straight back to the EU begging for a loan and we will be forced to accept whatever terms they offer.

    The EU know this which is why they’re playing hardball, they have everything to win and the U.K. everything to lose. The idea that we could at any point have bluffed them into capitulation is ludicrous as they know exactly how weak our position always was.

    This is not something that’s good but it should at least be recognised.

  2. They want democracy as long as it’s only their voice. They silence our elected government and they won’t give us a vote so they silence the people as well. I think the time has come for us to take the law into our hands.
    We have enough of these crooks and traitors.

  3. And now we know ………..the alliance got this through and made it illegal to leave without a deal and they still would not vote for a general election.So Lucy Thomas is a liar. Also very funny to see the news banner with Cornyn saying bring on the election.

  4. There is a simmering anger in the country that at some stage will reach boiling point. Remember the riots and burning of buildings not so long ago. Beware you people in the media and you politicians smugly thumbing your noses at the people.

  5. The bill counterattacks the opposition greatly because it demeans the referendum result, the direct action in response to the advisory question put to us. They returned power to the people, to give them the order to act upon, in trust, power is lent back to members, our servants and representatives. They must wield that power by giving the government the power to excessive the correct legislative motion to leave the EU. The No Deal bill is a direct attack; a stunning arrogance and contempt for the people, and the result of the referendum. Remain voters that accept the result, and the Pro Brexit groups have been treated with a disingenuous behaviour, had nothing but (or a percentage greater than Pro Brexit) anti Brexit on national television, especially bbc and c4. The hysteria is because the output has been anti Brexit. If a Pro Brexit initiative was used, I’m sure this monumental drama of remaining, wouldn’t be a problem.
    So the bill will be their undoing. It goes against the constitution and 17.4 million people, whose power is being usurped by those that refuse to implement it and wield the power from the people – to exit the EU. Rejecting general elections, removing an essential method of leaving the EU! Like Mogg said, the opposition should be very careful as the bill will only Work against them in the near future, because it Is direct rejection to the order we were given. Parliamentary democracy requires they deliver.

  6. Remainers collaborated with the EU & reached an agreement with the EU to extend the deadline by 3 months. This is illegal only the government can negotiate. Therefore Boris can launch a criminal investigation against them and refuse Royal Assent until complete . In many of the papers today including the very remain supporting Guardian!

  7. She says the British people want parliament to have the say….no, the majority who voted want self-serving, lying MPs to honour the greatest democratic referendum Britain has ever enjoyed…not to ignore it!

    As for her pathetic and disingenuous question, so often wheeled out by remoaners, where was the referendum question about leaving with no deal? Where was it written (or even spoken) that we would only leave with a deal? Remoaners are fucking idiots with only two goals: ignore democracy and sell out our nation and her people. And as usual, the biased Kay Burley and Sky News gives both the first, and the last, comment to the remoaner…fucking shameful

  8. Lucy Thomas – Another Snowflake Remainer too used to getting her own way and thinking she can tell me what the Brexit I voted for was based on. Well here it is you disingenuous little madam; If the result of the referendum was to Leave, the Government had those two years to plan for Brexit and arrange DEALS with the EU ready to be implemented after our exit. I/We did NOT vote for a deal. That is how it should have happened. But Teresa May and Phillip Hammond along with other REMAINERS had no intention of leaving. Our Parliamentarians are an absolute disgrace – Cheats and Liars to secure what they want and believe in – to hell with the wishes of the electorate. In my lifetime I have seen this type of corruption happen in central American countries and in some African countries and indeed at times the UK has got involved to stop it and also to help victims of it. But I never ever for one second imagined I would see such TREACHERY and self serving Rule Re-writing in my own beloved country. Just remember this Hammond, May, Corbyn, Swinson and the rest of you snakes – CHEATS DO NOT PROSPER!

  9. Remainers are gutless cowards along with the traitors in parliament trying to stop no deal. All they are doing is prolonging the uncertainty and harming small businesses just because they didn't get the type of democracy they were expecting. An utter bunch of selfish, spineless worms.

  10. Sky news must feel gutted … they lined up the deputy director of the remain campaign to debate the latest remain coup over government and it turns out she has nothing intelligent to say , a shame Tom was a bit off on the vote being closer then expected , but good points made and they couldn't pick it apart like they were hoping to do .

  11. s this Dominic Cummings best advice is it ???? ………what an absolute joke …Boris…..Yeah , tell you mate , instead of sorting Brexit out , do nothing , try and secure your own future by forcing the British people into a vote "where a vote for you is a vote for leaving  the eu , blah fucking blah"  Painful , so childish ……any way only a couple of questions should be asked …..who is in your negotiating team , when have they had meetings with whom  and what are your suggestions for fixing the Irish situation , where , if I could just take time to explain it for you (said in a slow voice like speaking to a child) its two separate countries really , when we leave the EU , how are you going to facilitate the changes needed? especially painfull btw that Dominic (in awe of his own voice) Cummings has spent an entire lifetime crapping on about technology systems and yet here is clearly no advice in what tech should be used …..and its only a tech solution needed in the end. email Dominic to let him know your thoughts.  dmc2.cummings@@t

  12. Does any normal person really give a fuck about politics anymore.the remoaners have got there way n should all be beheaded n take the biggest cunt of all bercow the bastard to the stocks on Trafalgar square.

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