Tommy Robinson confronts DailyMail reporter in Tenerife pt3


Tommy Robinson confronts DailyMail reporter in Tenerife pt3

Copy of Tommy Robinsons page’s post because FB have been removing shares

Ok so this has happened this morning , the daily mail have had journalists photographing my family on our holiday. I have a full 40 min vid of this awkward conversation . Obviously I am very concerned that they have photos of my wife & children.

I don’t care what the media print about me, the public don’t buy their fake news, I care about the invasion and harassment from the Daily Mail on my innocent family who live under threat from violence


Date: November 4, 2019

7 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson confronts DailyMail reporter in Tenerife pt3

  1. why would I want to corrupt myself with power and why do I want to rob myself of my freedom? Is good sometimes to have anger because it can help you to deal with hard situations that need to be dealt with. But anger can also blind you. That's why it is important to be as logical and scientifically minded as possible and control your anger, so it does not control you. so, you can show love even to those you are angry with. But anger and hate are no excuse not trying to find understanding. because I understand that others can only have freedom if some people are willing to give up their freedom. Not for power. not for riches. not even fame. Not for some God. no personal glory but for freedom itself. The person willing to do this has true love for humanity and is selfless because he thinks of others before himself although this may cause problems he does not care he does it for freedom.

  2. capital punishment yes freedom of expression yes longer prison terms yes healthcare for all who were British citizens not for foreigners yes deportation of all false refugees no exceptions,education system to be regulated by an independent board students are not to have a say on rating of teachers whatsoever to minimize the likelihood of indoctrination of any ideology. Government to be freely open with all information to British citizens with all responsibility that it entails. Justice for all in an open and there courts where reporters are free to report fair reporting of any court case so the public knows the facts without being Frightened. I am for small government not larger I am for open free and fair Trade agreement with anyone who is willing to have the same not for open borders that is nonsense and silly. I say we need a new system as a current system is corrupt and does not work needs to be replaced.

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