Traffic light review – No new countries added to UK's green travel list and Portugal moved to amber


Hopes of a summer holiday abroad have been dashed, with no new countries added to the UK’s green travel list and Portugal moved to amber within days.

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Date: September 11, 2021

48 thoughts on “Traffic light review – No new countries added to UK's green travel list and Portugal moved to amber

  1. i've just got back from malaga after two weeks on holiday from 8th to 22 of june 10 days in self isolation and the PCR tests is well worth it and i'm going back on the 17 of august for 4 weeks

  2. Obviously nobody gives a monkeys about the people who are not travelling for hollidays but to see our families after nearly 2 years.
    This is ridiculous.
    A nhs nurse who have had enough already.

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  4. I don’t understand the desperate need to fly abroad for a holiday. This is a year to stay in the UK, spend to help our own economy, not risk flight cancellations or becoming an asymptomatic spreader of whatever mutation happens to be developing in the foreign country

  5. Isn’t us (living in Europe) who should be worried about going to the UK as it always seems to be hosting various variants – the latest being the Indian Variant?

  6. If there is a pandemic, why would anyone want to go on holiday abroad anyway??? Seriously. Not that I'm bothered – but just saying 😉

  7. Do the government have a clue wat their doing for wat reason are these countries not on the travel green list? We are in and out of lockdown we have had 0 deaths over the last week they can't pick and choose these rules it's like we are being taken over by morons. We have to live our lives life is short we may die tomorrow, this is all political now I'm getting fed up of it.

  8. Why is Gibraltar on the green list? It has an open border with Spain and has over 30,000 people crossing the open border daily.

  9. 😱😱😱
    I'm SO surprised!
    Who would have think that in time of pandemic travel restrictions could be changed🤷‍♂️

  10. Government games again ,while Patel insists on letting everyone in the normals can not leave nice,government is pathetic

  11. It doesn’t seem to be the most responsible thing to do. Things are just getting better and people push their luck and can’t wait to jet off to laze around a pool thinking they deserve it.

  12. And this is why everyone wants to be a professional footballer as viruses dont effect them or their fans & especially their millionaire owners. We thought it was impossible to tell the future but found it quite easy from last March 2020 & its getting easier.

  13. Malta 72% of the adult population vaccinated already, it’s been for days without deaths and still not on the green list

  14. They put portugal in green list just for the football. That's stupid, there's no cases in portugal and dies 2 persons per week

  15. I am going on holiday and I won't quarrantine when I get back !
    Fuxk them !
    They can't fine me cause the fines won't stand up in a court of law and will be squashed ! I live in rented accommodation, up to my neck in debt. So I don't care ! And earn just enough to get by !
    Having a holiday once. A year is my salvation from working 48 weeks a year !
    So bon voyage !
    Come and get me when I get back. Give me a holiday in jail for not quarranting ! Dilliagf

  16. Why would they take Portugal 🇵🇹 off the green list?
    1 . To put people off booking holidays
    2 cause maximum inconvenience to holiday makers abroad now
    3 . To introduce compulsory vaccination for all travellers , this the next rule ! Of course they won't keep to their word , but more people will get the jab just to travel !

    Which sick twisted person things if ways to destroy people freedom ?
    Boris and co !

  17. Looking forward here in ireland to eu opening common travel area next montfort eu citizens with vaccine passports

  18. most of the UK probably can't afford to go anyway, lets feel sorry for the rich who can't have their quarterly holiday to portugal…

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