Tragedy Strikes Skier Trapped Beneath A Thick Layer of Snow | Mountain Rescue EP5 | Wonder


When a mini avalanche ensues, skiers are sent across the mountainside and are in need of rescue. With the clock ticking it’s up to the mountain rescue team to react to the disaster and save those in need of help.

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Towering above the Alps, Mont Blanc is a spectacular natural beauty. But it also has a darker, lethal side that attracts thrill-seekers, extreme skiers and obsessed climbers from all over the world. When these thrill seekers fail, the consequences can be deadly. The only thing standing between them and certain death is the helicopter rescue squad of the PGHM.

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Date: May 8, 2020

33 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes Skier Trapped Beneath A Thick Layer of Snow | Mountain Rescue EP5 | Wonder

  1. I ❤ LOVE ❤ this show Mtn Rescue & their true H E R O S!!!
    WISH they would do MORE & NEW Mtn Rescue Vids!!!
    Merci…to all these true HEROS, all they do & for their HEROISM that they take to SAVE others!!!
    A Very Very SPECIAL breed of ppl!!!

  2. Morphine sucks, I'd be like I hope y'all brought me some diladid instead! He seemed pretty happy bout it tho. I wonder what they do if u are taking something like methadone??

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