Travel bookings surge in UK | Travel News


#Travel #bookings surge in #UK | Travel News

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8th of March 2021

Vaxications are here
The term has derived from people going on vacation as soon as they have had their jab. This trend is seen especially in the US where trip bookings are surging.

Corona impacts on Business travel even post-pandemic
Predictions are that as the world has seen that business runs as usual even without people traveling from country to country, business travel will be reduced and nowhere near the dimensions it was at pre-covid.

Travel bookings surge in UK
As Cyprus and Portugal open their borders to UK travelers, stats show that people are seen spending more time browsing online travel agencies, hotel websites and flight comparison websites.

Singapore Airline rolls out IATA travel pass
The Travel Pass app which holds a passengers health certificates and proof of vaccination will be used on the airlines London route meaning that only people who have been vaccinated are allowed to board the plane.

Sources: Bloomberg, Deutsche Welle, The Guardian, Asian Aviation

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