Travel chaos as UK warns against visiting Spain and imposes new quarantine


Thousands of British tourists have had their holidays to Spain thrown into chaos, after the British government advised against all non-essential travel to the country and re-imposed a 14 day quarantine on people returning from there to the UK.

It follows a dramatic increase in coronavirus infections in Spain, with nearly 1,000 new cases reported in just two days.

Many thousands of Britons are already on holiday in the country or had plans to travel there over the summer.

The announcement means almost all package holidays are likely to be cancelled and any travellers who choose to ignore the Foreign Office advice may be uninsured. Anyone in Spain who returns to the UK from Sunday 26 July will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

British Airways said it was “disappointed” by the decision which had thrown the travel plans of thousands of people into chaos.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News reporting from Richard Galpin, business correspondent Katy Austin and Guy Hedgecoe in Madrid.

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Date: September 21, 2021

49 thoughts on “Travel chaos as UK warns against visiting Spain and imposes new quarantine

  1. No empathy at all!. why do tourists want to suck the breathing daylights out of booze binge destinations?. You may as well stay at home and slumber into a sunbed coma that will crisp dry you all over, get a ton of sand from B&Q, buy a massive diy pool – you would save a lot in the longrun and respect the wishes of native spanniards who do not want to share their overrun tourist sites with you!.

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  4. This Covid is complete nonsense, and the PCR test is completely inaccurate and is the main reason for the alleged cases, they need to free up the ridiculous quarantine and allow people to travel the earth!!

  5. Why doesn't YouTube indicate on BBC videos that this media agency is owned in whole or in part by the British government as it does with many videos by foreign medias?
    Could it be that it is because YouTube is a NATO propaganda tool which only targets certain nationalities' medias?

  6. People still wanting to carry on as normal…..we live in a world where people expect everything and wont or cant put up with any sort of deprivation. God help us if we suffer another major war.

  7. Why people are still booking flights unless essential is above me I work at one of the main airports and I can tell you now spain I doubt very much this summer greece is starting to spike so be very careful if you've booked France is close to quarantine.

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  9. If anyone should be quarantined it should the british, they have more cases. And Americans who has the most cases in the world! second by india!!!

  10. 80% of new infections are asymptomatic…having the flu jab makes you test positive to swab test.
    They just don't want things to go back to normal just like after 9.11.
    BbC is pure propaganda not information unfortunately.
    The absurdities of all decisions are so grotesque, people can only start to wake up …

  11. Ideological and populist decision. The money is going to the British pubs first, where they will be able to be contagious properly each other, by paying in British Pounds. There is no other explanation..

  12. Go to Bournemouth. We don't want you here in Spain. Infected, drunk, drugged, jumping on cars, damaging property, running around nude + trying to have sex anywhere with whatever walks on 2 legs.
    Please stay away!!

  13. Why are they showing Heathrow Terminal 3(it is closed)? Only Heathrow Terminal 2 and 5 are open. Is this recycled footage?

  14. When the situation is unknown or no conclusion has been reached, the ruling class first hopes that they will speak first. The imperial power or the right to speak, in China, nothing more than the government has the right to speak first, so as not to cause social panic and affect the economy. There are not many police officers who are educated and barbaric; when a talented person encounters a soldier, it is unreasonable. In fact, the United States is the same. Trump hopes that the economy will recover as soon as possible, and the epidemic prevention experts hope to slow down the start of construction. The government and the people have always been a contradiction. However, these do not mean that the virus was created by the CCP. On the contrary, in terms of imported seafood, the virus in the seafood market does not come from China. So far, the CCP has not had the ability and motivation to create a virus, and it is okay to write so-called papers. 1- Capability: China’s biomedicine research and development capabilities are far from the United States, and they can’t keep up with India. India’s biomedicine research and development is much stronger than China. The CCP cannot develop this virus at all, not to mention this super-strong COVID-19 It is impossible to synthesize. 2- Motivation: If the CCP wants to launch an aggression, there are Dongfeng 41 missiles (missiles), and a few micro-nuclear bombs or explosives can blow up enemies far away in the sky, without harming themselves to create a virus that they cannot control. . Moreover, many children of the Chinese Communist Party have immigrated or their assets are in the United States, and the United States is part of their "paradise." Why do they want to plant bombs on the paradise of the United States and plant uncontrollable viruses? Therefore, there is no incentive to artificially create viruses. The CCP is also a human being, and it is also made up of families. It also wants to live a good life. The CCP is not the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union has a strong territorial expansion. The CCP belongs to the affinity of Zheng He's voyages to the West, and the CCP is more or less influenced by Confucianism. Even if “One Belt One Road ”is nothing more than a solution to the huge population of 1 billion people waiting to be fed, it is just a business policy issue, not the same as the expansion of the former Soviet Union. Compared with the enslavement of white men in history, the colonial era; the CCP today is still very gentle and reasonable.

  15. Teachers happy to go on holiday, but not back to school to work. They say its not safe while taking a pay rise away from NHS nurses.. Covid is totally fake and no risk to 99.9%

  16. The picture cover of this video has been chosen to make it all worst. The angle in which was taken the picture gives the effect that its all packed up with no distance between them. That's bbc news adding more shit and fear to people. Im in Mallorca and haven't seen as much people in a beach ever.

  17. This govt is dangerous. He’s fucked up Spain where the regions didn’t have it, the tourists who were out there, the other countries like Greece because people are too frightened to take the risk of losing their jobs, the travel industry for cancelled chaos. Just go. Go away with trump go to that special place of hell your lunatic befuddled mind is the same as your appearance. YOU ARE A MESS BORIS JOHNSON. YOU HAVE FUCKED US ALL. JUST GO.

  18. I think Boris should have said from the beginning no holidays abroad now people are more confused and people have lost money but on the flip side people know there is a pandemic out there so they know the risk so now people have to quarantine can’t go to work the government need to be clear and stop sending mixed messages

  19. fuck the government–they are all pillocks—–so now everyone must have facemasks on if you go to shops? why not 4 months ago? gov knobheads

  20. All those selfish morons who return from holidays abroad and return to work straight away without obeying the 2-week quarantine set out by the government should be sent home by their employers. How dare they expose their work colleagues to any virus germs they might have.

  21. Go abroad now while everywhere is still in turmoil…………….Yeah that would be a good idea. Sick of these fools complaining. Act like adults and you will be fine, act like a f***ing idiot and you get what you deserve.

  22. I’m afraid I shouldn’t say this, but I think today’s Europe is such a comedy and I have no respect for them as a Japanese. Of course China’s the absolute cause tho.

  23. I'm shocked that even in the midst of this dreadful judgement of the Corona Virus people are still walking nude in UK!

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