Travel industry in chaos over new UK restrictions


The UK has restricted travel to Portugal because of concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. The unexpected move that has thrown the tourism industry into chaos, and forced thousands of holidaymakers to cancel their trips.  Also in the show – global food prices surge at their fastest pace in a decade, and French theme parks prepare to reopen their doors. 

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Date: September 12, 2021

19 thoughts on “Travel industry in chaos over new UK restrictions

  1. Thanks UK. You've slowed down infections from the India variant. You already gave us the UK variant. Too bad about Gibraltar because the variant will still get through.

  2. Elon probably posting the best tweet of his life tomorrow to get cryptos back up. The dip is just an opportunity to get more cryptos

  3. They were ADVISED not to travel out of the country.
    Anyway I thought nobody needed our tourist money?
    On the plus side, the UK tourist industry is apparently doing well.

  4. Wow all of this hoo-ha over the UK's travel list. Makes you wonder… were all the people who said the UK would have no influence after Brexit right? Cos it seems to me like they have a lot of influence right now with countries desperate to be on their green list and complaining when they're put on the red list.
    Is British tourism the new colonialism?

  5. An airplane is essentially a tube of recycled metal and air in the sky.
    Darwin Airlines offers discounts to get you to your destination faster.

  6. Why would they party that much in Porto last week when Chelsea won the Champions and then remove us from the so called green list today… Terrible move yet again from the UK 🇵🇹🇪🇺🌍

  7. let's not condemn people for their belief over Britax. let's educate. if we were still in it we wouldn't have our jabs. listen to our health minister.

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