Travel restriction India to UK | Current Situation in UK update | September 2021 intake


In this video I have explained about the travel restriction for traveling from India to UK. Also, I have given an update on the current situation in UK and how the September 2021 intake looks as of now.

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Video timestamp
00:17 – Who is allowed into UK from India?
00:58 – Rules when you enter UK from India or any red list country
01:59 – How to enter UK
02:23 – Current situation in UK
03:03 – September 2021 intake
04:33 – Current job market

India Travel advice

Red list countries

Book your hotel quarantine and covid test kit


Date: September 17, 2021

27 thoughts on “Travel restriction India to UK | Current Situation in UK update | September 2021 intake

  1. The hotel managed quarantine package (GBP 1750) includes – 10 days hotel stay, 2 covid test and food beverages and tranfer from airport to hotel for your stay duration

  2. Can I travel back without brp card from London because little emergency is their in post office said they don’t have brp card

  3. Hey, I want to travel to UK as a visiting student for a semester. Unfortunately, since my period of study is less than 6 months, I am not eligible for a student visa. Is there any other way I can travel on a visitors visa during the current ban? Maybe thru some other country?

  4. Helpful video mate!

    Although you explained it but just want to confirm again on a point:

    I am traveling to Glasgow from India. My flight is form Mumbai and will land at Heathrow Airport, after which I have a flight to Glasgow in 2 hours.
    Do I need to get hotel quarantined in London for 10 days prior to traveling to glasgow even if there is a layover of 2 hours at London? Also, I have served my quarantine period of 10 days in London, will I be asked to quarantine again in Glasgow?

    Would be helpful if you can confirm

  5. Hamarey mulk ek english speaking jagah hai..Angreez zuban boliye..thik se! Otherwise pakistan/india wapas jao..Covid waba k dauran international safar itni zaruri hai?? aap log sirf indian variant spread kr rhe hain hamare mulk mein.

  6. I have tier 5 visa for work and my wife has tier 5 dependent visa, should we allow to enter the Uk from the red list county with hotel quarantine?

  7. There's also a repayment plan for the hotel costs isn't there? It also mentions that someone with a student visa can apply..but later it mentions only residents..How can someone be a resident and a student with a student visa? Please help!

  8. The situation of geting job is very less after covid so is it a right time to get complete masters in uk?
    Or can we get job in future ??

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