Travel Updates (April 16, 2020)


Today I am sharing the latest travel news as of April 16, 2020. Some of you are essential employees and must fly. The Transportation Security Administration, the State Department, and the Department of Homeland Security want to keep you safe as well as our other citizens and their employees.
The DHS has funneled all flights from certain cities in Europe, from China, and from Iran through 13 airports. Those passengers will go through a lengthy screening process and be made to self quarantine upon arrival here.
The State Department has issued a Level 4 alert for us to avoid all international travel, although I saw that some airlines are offering flights to London.

3 Phases to Open America Up Again: https://apps.npr.org/documents/document.html?id=6840714-Guidelines

13 Airports: https://www.dhs.gov/coronavirus/protecting-air-travelers-and-american-public

TSA covid: https://www.tsa.gov/coronavirus

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Date: May 6, 2020

27 thoughts on “Travel Updates (April 16, 2020)

  1. Hello Laurie , I’m so confusing because I just came to the US about 7 months and I already have green card . Now I want to come back to VN at the end of this month . But I wondering that do I have the authorized to take a flight to go to VN then come back to the US about 1-2 months ? Hope you see my comment because I don’t know where can I ask now . Thank you

  2. I’m from Sydney, Australia and my S/O is working in the states right now. I had planned to go visit him in June but had to cancel my trip. I honestly hope they’ll allow us to travel this year. I don’t think I can go a year without seeing him

  3. Hi Laurie. Love your sweet "co pilot" in the background. The video is most helpful….and I ordered the shirt. Thank you for the positivity, much needed~

  4. Hello, I'm in Pennsylvania but my wife and 6 month old son are in the Philippines, I really want to be with my family as soon as possible, any rough idea on when I can go? Thank you for your time if you read this

  5. Laurie, such practical advice so well explained is always appreciated.
    I've never been to the US (yet) but have travelled on other continents. Like you, I've never noticed hand sanitizers around airports. Perhaps on the countertop at an Information desk, but nowhere else. I'll look out for them when we're back on the move. No doubt they'll be more prominent in future.

  6. Hi Laurie, thanks for these travel updates. Please continue posting as new information becomes available. I don’t think I’ll be doing air travel anytime soon, although I had to cancel my trip to Vegas and have until dec. 31 to use my flight. I’m just unsure of air travel for this year. Thanks!

  7. Hello Laurie. I'm a new subscriber to your channel and the proud daughter an airline retiree of 37 years. I love air travel and can't wait to fly home soon to see my Dad. Your tips will help me navigate the new rules so much easier.
    God bless and thanks again!

  8. The real question will be when companies allow their employees to travel. Business travel is important for the airline industry to comeback and I'm sure it will be a slow process.

  9. I’m 48 and have a trip to Amsterdam planned for August. I hope phase II will be ready by then. I’m hoping The UK will be as well. If not I understand and know health of all is important over a trip. I love your videos and appreciate all the information. I wonder how full the planes will be even in August. Take care?

  10. Laurie, I recently watched a YouTube video that said the gray bins we have to use for screening are dirtier than an airport toilet seat. What would you recommend we do to protect ourselves from the bins?

  11. Here in Australia our borders are still closed & we are only letting Australian residents & citizens in but they have to go into a hotel in each city of arrival for 14 days of quarantine which was organised by our government then depending on the State they live in will have to do another 14 days in quarantine at home as some state borders are closed to other states.

  12. We have a trip planned for Nice, France in mid July. I am hoping we can still go if it is safe by then. Really appreciate the tips and updates here! And your pup is ADORABLE. 😍

  13. Hi Laurie! I am living with my parents in Ireland and we have just found your channel. We love your videos so much! We are watching them together in the evening as we all stay home together. I hope you and your family stay safe ♥️♥️

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