Traveling Nurses Fighting Coronavirus Face Uncertain Future | NBC Nightly News


Medical workers from across the country traveled to the front lines of the coronavirus crisis in New York, but some nurses who wanted to save lives now may not have jobs to return home to.
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Traveling Nurses Fighting Coronavirus Face Uncertain Future | NBC Nightly News


Date: September 16, 2020

33 thoughts on “Traveling Nurses Fighting Coronavirus Face Uncertain Future | NBC Nightly News

  1. As an EMS Critical Care Transport Nurse, Cardiothoracic ICU Nurse & a Traveling Nurse i want to address my fellow nurses in here.

    Please be cognizant that when you disparage your fellow nurses you are also disparaging yourself.

    Please rise above that.
    We are better than that.

    To the nurses on this video.
    Please be mindful about what your objecting to.
    You are all Experienced Specialty Nurses, please be cognizant that objecting to not having your job back will be the least of your concern.

    You are not new grad nurses.
    You will all be fine.
    Bringing up job security during this time with your skills is showing disconnect.

    To the rest of my fellow Professional Registered Nurse Clinicians.
    Everyone please be mindful.

    To the Recruiter(s)/people who say these nurses are greedy.
    Let's not go there.
    Nurses DID NOT put a gun to anybody's head.
    It's simple supply & demand.

    Remember it's actually the Nurse Travel Agencies who structure the contracts which then takes their cut after paying the nurses.
    So please don't bring up greed.

  2. You make choices the flu pandemic doesn't last for ever. I travel for work am worried about my job? Travel to another job this job is over until the next pandemic . really stupid piece. I thank all the people in the medical field😀

  3. They LEFT their home and their job for the money.. NY offered huge salaries. I don’t blame them for doing such BUT dear nurses, it was a choice you made. Don’t whine on TV as if you are a victim or someone forced you to do what you decided to do. I just don’t understand your drama! Hypocrite to say you went to NY to help. You and I know you did it for the money. That’s the truth.

  4. This is just a lie. I work full time for 10 years as a travel nurse. This was the best paying money, ever offered. These nurses, left there jobs, to chase the big bucks. Never had I seen such huge wages offered. Hospitals a lot of them, make arrangement for there nurses to take special assignments in crisis area's Hurricanes . earthquakes ect. These nurse choice to leave. Not making arrangement. Leaving there home hospital in the same situation. Travel Nurse, who work full time, as a traveler, did not end there contracts and go take these super high paying jobs. They took them as they could. They do not deserve there home town jobs back. Do not let them twist the story. They left there families and jobs, not for a calling, but for high pay.

  5. Job Unfairness is the norm in the west, and this for the simple reason no mathematical calculation to qualification and knowledge, and a job should be based on knowledge, not bias and based on whom you know. this will lead to people love learning and who have more knowledge get the job. And no one has long employment and others have no employment. in regard to corporation knowledge, shadowing should be open to anyone willing to contribute free and if you have more knowledge than people hired you should get hired. But now the fact and employment based on network and intelligent control jobs decided who have a stable income and who have no, the one that can be used directly or indirectly have a stable income. the independent people who are hard to be used or programmed never get a job. Therefore, if you are independent hard to programmed or control no job for you. but if intelligent can used you directly or indirectly you will have a job and stable income. that why we see lots of billionaires in power are stupid. and that why we see lots of corruption in the west. because of the main purpose of life is working. as people study for work. and the main purpose of life is corrupted and unfair.

  6. Medical professions from my community have gone to NYC. We can't get anyone to tell us if the protocol is for them to be quarantined for 2 weeks when they return. These professionals need to protect their community members and families as well.

  7. What ever ! My wife is a RN and she can get a job anywhere ! You want to rush and put your life in danger by quitting your job and leaving your children behind to go play hero ! Sad ! You knew that the hospital you left with out nurses was in need but you decided to quit anyway ! Now you crying about work ! What ever ! You wanted a hero praise and you got your 15 minutes of fame now you saying you won’t find work ! There are plenty of Nursing jobs in any state . Any town or city is hiring guaranteed! Playing symphony card is sad ! You wanted to be praised for leaving the town that you live in behind and in need . Even leaving you children behind ! So sad ! Now your children are going hungry and maybe you might get sick , worrying them even more ! You should of stood and protected your children ! Leaving them knowing you might get sick is awful ! No your on tv saying you won’t find work worrying the children even more ! You should of been hero for you children ! I would not hire you back either knowing you quit a hospital in need to go play hero !

  8. What you are doing is a heroic effort, but give me a break all of them was chasing money. I don't care in what part of the world you live you just can't up and abandoned your job and expect it to not be replaced. But im also confused as why wouldn't a medical worker have a job if its as bad as media reports.

  9. Don’t worry you’ll find a job trust me trust me on that one thing we need doctors and nurses so trust me you’ll find a job OK stop with the stuff get back to work

  10. How sad, I cannot believe what all these people that are saying mean thing about the nurses. No matter the do it for the money but the fact is the putting their lives at risk. People are dying stop having ill thoughts towards them. They are in the front line helping people. Just give them credit it wouldn't cost you a thing but helping them soldiers on.

  11. Our USA military have GOVT backup and help which provide the very well deserved support for our troops when they come back from serving their time. Our president dumped all this pandemic responsibilities on state GOVERNORS instead of using our military medical personnel to assist most USA affected state hospitals. Our military is supposed to be used to fight a war or national crisis they are well funded taken care of during and after service INCLUDING immediate family members and get paid also. Since our leader did not lead GOVERNORS had to do whatever they could to being in medical personnel to fight this COVID19 war. The least our GOVT leader should do is provide economical, housing, and job PLACEMENT assistance for our new war heroes who took over our military's jobs not at their own decisions and it isn't their fault. Please take funding from our military and share it with our medical heroes they deserve it more than any1 else because they are in grave danger putting their lives at risk many times more than our military personnel. The cleaning and cafeteria service personnel in hospitals need this kind of assistance aswell they deserve it. All of them are our USA military troops fighting in the frontline. Our president should of used our already funded military medical personnel to save millions and millions probably even more than billions but instead he straight up said he was not responsible the state GOVERNORS are and only helped in dire situations in last MINUTE instead of preparing preventing and using already funded and paid USA military personnel. It's RIDICULOS and shameful for my high school kid telling me what she'd use and do to help this NATION. I think we need high school 18yr old graduates to become presidents. They are very prepared. Even me with no education then again I don't know much of anything maybe president couldn't lead us for 1 reason or other who knows. Just hope REOPENING ECONOMY early isn't another big mistake this one could be the worst in HISTORY it already is but all we have now is our faith for its OBVIOUS $$is above human lives.

  12. I would do it. Health Fields staffs never go wrong. If you lose your old job because you chose a job to work for only 8 weeks that paid you as much you would get within a year period of work , and get to have a rest of the year to relax. I’ll take the jobs in a heartbeat! After those break, you can always find another jobs with no problem.

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