Both scientists and locals want to prevent outside contact, but they have very different strategies.
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  1. It's too late to teach our civilization and technology and we've landed on the moon it's too late they just have to stay like that forever while we were in our advanced technology when the Earth is destroyed they be wondering what happens and why we know what happened

  2. They are lucky because they are protected by indian navy other wise there USA would have killed them all and build a military base there. Or likely china because they are nearer to China

  3. I think it's fascinating how they usually kill during contact. It shows what we humans are at our most basic level. Animals, who hunt in packs, and often fight other packs just because they are not our own.

  4. we dont have to worry about their survival , they survived naturally @tsunami 2004 unlike we sp called modernised humans. west has always intruded out of nowhere to destruct earth and natural resources.


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