Trump announces new tariffs; Hong Kong protesters form human chain; Chinese martial arts competition


NTD Evening News- 8/23/2019
1 #Trump announces new #tariffs and Orders USCompanies to Leave China
2 Trump Responds to the Fed, Says They Did Nothing
3 David Koch, Billionaire Businessman and Influential GOP Donor, Dies
4 Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Received Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer
5 Seth Moulton Drops Out of Presidential Race
6 Americans Lost $143M in Online Romance Scams Last Year
7 ‘The #HongKong Way’; Protesters Form Human Chain for Freedom
8 China’s Xi Jinping Gives Latest Instruction on HK
9 Forced Labor Products in Xinjiang Shows US-China Trade and Human Rights Issues Closely Linked
10 French Prosecutor’s Office Opens Investigation Into Epstein
11 Iranian Minister Meets French President, Tries to Counter US Sanctions
12 NTD International Chinese Martial Arts Competition Starts This Weekend
13 Belgium Zoo Welcomes Baby Tapir

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Date: June 2, 2020

One thought on “Trump announces new tariffs; Hong Kong protesters form human chain; Chinese martial arts competition

  1. Trump is on a power trip. Though I agree China has used unfair trade tactics causing the American people some arbitrary number Trump has been using and has steadily increased since first announcing he and President Xi were in trade negotiations. He is adding tariffs to Chinese imports which by every standard but the Trump administration, Fox News, and far right "media" groups such as Epoch Times are taxes the American consumer must pay for. The President is of the belief that putting tariffs on Chinese goods being imported to the US will bring the US government billions of dollars but that is not what a tariff is. A tariff is a tax imposed on shoes, for example. The shoe store who sells these shoes will only increase the cost of the shoes so they do not lose money and the single mother who is buying her child shoes for the new school year will pay $5-$10 more than they were. Add on school supplies, toiletries, clothes, food and now the mother is spending $100 more than the prices were last year. The mother is not earning more money from her two jobs so this family may not have money for prescription drugs or after school day care… I'm sure you see the cause and effect model tariffs/taxes will harm Americans, not America. (Just to add a key point the taxes on goods do not include any Trump Organization products like hotel amenities, lawn and garden products, and most importantly Trump campaign merchandise like his MAGA hats AND his daughter Ivanka Trump's shoes. She was also just awarded 4 more patents by the Chinese government. So much for MADE IN AMERICA).
    So back to the power trip… Trump has no authority, ZERO power to make any American company adhere to this "…are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China". We live in a democracy and though Trump does show signs of an authoritarian and is more comfortable with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un and even President Xi who are all dictators or authoritarian than he is with our own allies. He is a Russian agent pushing for Russia be allowed back in the G7. He blames President Obama for being outsmarted at something that does not deal with why Russia is not a member. The invasion and annexation of Crimea and attacking Ukraine are two good reason.
    Fox News along with the other conspiracy theory media outlets have rushed to his defense and found their comfortable landing spot to place blame… Obama and Clinton. They have major cases of ods and cds. Trump is tanking the stock market and we will be in a recession shortly and is causing global markets to become unstable.

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