Try Jesse Lingard's hardcore 40 minute home workout


Jesse Lingard’s 40-minute workout consists of three rounds of four sets of exercises, including cardio, core and overall strength, with a bonus round if you can hack it!


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Try Jesse Lingard’s hardcore 40 minute home workout


Date: May 9, 2020

39 thoughts on “Try Jesse Lingard's hardcore 40 minute home workout

  1. mad how he's getting hate for working out and staying fit in the lockdown and people are just ignoring the fact that the likes of grealish and walker are breaking lockdown rules by hosting parties.

  2. If this guy focused more on his game rather than trivial things such as making a workout video, he could potentially redeem his career as a footballer.

    At the moment he best known for being in JD advertisements instead of being best known for his footballing ability.

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