Turkey and Poland added to travel quarantine list – UK COVID-19 update


Travellers entering the UK from Turkey and Poland will have to self-isolate for two weeks from 4am on Saturday.

The restrictions will also apply to the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.

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Date: September 15, 2021

47 thoughts on “Turkey and Poland added to travel quarantine list – UK COVID-19 update

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  2. Turkey has at least 2 million cases. People are starving every day in famine conditions like India and many deaths take place

  3. Stop Turkey not for the sake of Armenians, but for the sake of Europeans. Turkey maintains barbaric terrorist groups that have been embroiled in several wars. They will be sent to Europe very soon.

  4. So what are the consequences of a country being removed from the ‘travel corridor’? Can we still go, so long as we self-isolate on return? Will the country let us in? Will our flight or holiday be cancelled?

  5. Saba is COVID-19 FREE!!
    Only Bonaire and St. Eustatius have cases! Our borders have been closed to tourists for months and continue to stay so until further notice.

  6. Many countries have introduced “Covid-free” flights with 30-minute tests for all passengers before they board. And they watch their border and carry out multiple tests on anyone entering the county under a strict 14-day-quarantine to stop new imported cases. Why can’t we do it here?

  7. We should take lessons from other countries’ success – watch our border and carry out multiple tests on anyone entering the country under a strict 14-day-quarantine. Hundreds of thousands of people will not get COVID-19 if we’ll follow this aggressive response, even without a lock-down or social distancing.
    If we DO realise who’s infected, we’re MORE likely to slow down the virus. Look at those most densely populated places in the world, they DIDN’T have a lockdown but they’d managed to slow the virus because of strict and aggressive measures and people there been wearing face coverings.

  8. Why are other most densely populated countries in the world doing better than us, even without a lock-down or social distancing?
    Was it because the people there have been wearing masks all the time and have been following the guidelines to stop the virus? But after more than nine months, we’re still discussing wether the virus is serious or not.

  9. If people who are self-isolating, are still allowed to go out for food and other things, then that’s not a proper lock-down or self-isolation. Under a proper lockdown, infected people must follow a strict 14-day-quarantine (not allow to go out or fly on holiday) and carrying out multiple tests on them. Otherwise,we won’t be able to bring the spread of the infection under control.

  10. Is it our today's culture to talk almost everything to death? Of course, serious issues do have to be discussed. But shouldn’t we better take lessons from other countries’ success? If we’ve acted FAST (back in February) like most Asian countries have done without ifs, and ands, and buts, then BY NOW we would also have OUR ECONOMY up and running within a couple of weeks. But now the only things that are accomplished like this – which is all talk and no action. The longer it goes on, the more our economy will suffer. Once some businesses are gone, they are gone for ever or they won’t come back easily.

  11. What about sweeden? They haven’t even so much as socially distanced, no masks and no lockdowns.

    ..and yet they are doing better than almost all other countries… hmmm

  12. All the European countries should stop travelling FROM UK – considering it has the highest death toll in the whole EU.
    It looks like U.K. want to make their own airlines bankrupt…

  13. Glad I had my holiday in Antalya 3 weeks ago. What a shock for Turkey. To be honest I thought this would happen . A lot of holidayers from Britain and Russia etc ..wasnt wearing mask in hotels and around the Shopping centres .

  14. Absolutely stupid less Covid here been here two weeks and no deaths this area and everyone is wearing masks out walking

  15. It hasn’t stopped me flying to Spain I’ve had a whale of a time, less Covid where I am than there is in the uk I’m more concerned in case I catch it when I go back

  16. Anyone ever watched V for Vendetta?? The UK will become like that with curfews and a complete police militant state imposing the will of the evil elite. New world order ladies & gentlemen this is the next phase.

  17. I'm so glad that I can work from a PC and fly away from these stupid rules set by this stupid government. I'm gonna fly out first thing this weekend to escape this nonsense. This now has nothing to do with a virus and is purely about human control and how much they can get away with .

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