Two nuns steal cash for Vegas: BBC News Review


Two Roman Catholic nuns in California have admitted embezzling about half a million dollars from the school where they worked. Sisters Mary Margaret Kreuper and Lana Chang, described as best friends, are said to have spent the money on travel and gambling in Las Vegas.

money saved for a particular purpose
• Someone has stolen all of the funds we raised over Christmas!
• There are several funds you can apply to for financial support whilst studying.

badly behaved or difficult to control
• I try to put my children to bed early as they become quite unruly in the evenings.
• Some teachers think that violent films can have an unruly influence on teenagers.

definitely going to happen
• My relationship has been unhappy for ages. I think it’s inevitable that we will break up.
• On a course like this, failure is inevitable if you don’t keep up with your work.

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Date: October 1, 2019

38 thoughts on “Two nuns steal cash for Vegas: BBC News Review

  1. UNRULY:
    Johnathan, unruly behaviour made me sad.
    As soon as marget entered into the classroom, she was unruly by her classmates.
    He tried to control his unruly emotions.
    EMBEZZL : steal in a organized way.
    iNEVITABLE: He thwart me from the inevitable consequences.
    I will thwart listening his inevitable challenges.

  2. I think those review is really good to learning english and new words and expression. It's really helpful for me, but I just want to ask if they could talk more slow. I'm living in Asia, it's pretty hard to listen what they are saying….😂

  3. Can i offer an idea?
    U may dont have engsub but can u have english auto- generated? Cz i can hear almost the news but there are some few words i cant so can u have it?
    Hope to see ur reply! Tks

  4. Our chief has set fund, which we raise by collecting 100 soms per person every month in order to use them for different entertainments. Before going somewhere we should decide the place together. Obviously it was inevitable we started arguing, the more people are there, the more opinions they have. Yet my chief believes that this situation cannot be unruly.

  5. thanks so much for this video. I am a beginner so I can hear clearly and understand well the man but I not the same when the woman talk. I think she speaks more quickly than the man. Anyway it was very interesting.

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