Tyler Henry Has News About Tiffany Haddish's Father | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


Should the “Girls Trip” star take care of her father who was absent during her childhood? Find out on “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry”.

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Tyler Henry Has News About Tiffany Haddish’s Father | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


Date: May 20, 2020

44 thoughts on “Tyler Henry Has News About Tiffany Haddish's Father | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  1. I feel for Tiffany 😥…. My dad is a mom, dad and grandfather to my son, my mother always rejected and I am in my 30s and my mom doesn't care and we don't know where she lives but my dad cooks, takes care of my son and visits me and my son at our new place and he hates that I have moved to a different area…. I feel for her that she tried bringing this man to her life and he still disappointed her 😥… Perhaps this is for the best Tiffany

  2. Ok, not everyone knows who Bobby is. If u are not exposed to r&b music, black culture, or tv. Its not surprising. I know a lot of people who dont know who he is. Maybe heard the name bit dont know the face. Everyone knows whitney but not her life. A caucasian male at 20. Young and obviously his interests are different. When u travel the world and experience different cultures, languages, and countries. Theres more to life than bobby brown.

  3. I'm laughing out loud right now. You guys really took the time out of your day to watch the whole video and THEN leave a whole book in the comments section about how this fake and you don't believe in it. Even if it is fake, it is still fun to see him do it. GOOD GOD the Internet can be so negative when its something they don't like.😂

  4. This is witchcraft plain and simple. I was a medium. I was saved and from the clutches of Satans hold,and delivered by Yahweh(God) through His son Yeshua(Jesus)
    Evil spirits can manipulate you into thinking these mediums have powers through their spiritual guide. No they are talking or connecting to an assigned familiar spirits.
    … A familiar spirit can reveal what has already been existence from your natural birth AND ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PAST AND PRESENT. Sets up those who has open themself up into this level evil and darkness. MAJOR DECEIVER. This is why they are called familiar. They are 100% familiar everything about you

  5. This is the dad who tried to kill EVERYBODY! The kids just weren’t in the car when he tried to kill her mom! She’s been in and out of mental hospitals ever since💔💔

  6. Tyler may be a fraud, but he is right about one thing…she is NOT responsible for taking care of a father who was absent in her life.  If he wants to, that's fine, but she should feel no obligation to do so .

  7. Don't listen to mediums or pschyics it is demons they talk to its just like playing a wedgie board .

    When people die their soul goes to heaven or hell they don't roam around only demons roam around telling lies .

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