U.K. Summer Holiday Plans Receive Major Boost | Travel News


#UK #Summer #Holiday Plans Receive Major Boost | Travel News

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May 4th Tuesday.

0:26 – In the U.K, summer holiday plans were given a major boost after the EU confirmed that vaccinated travellers will be able to fly to Europe from June. But according to the Traffic light system imposed by U.K, less than 10 countries are in the green zone. These countries include: Lisbon, Portugal and Malta.

0:50 – Earlier last month, following the success of the travel bubble implemented between Australia and New Zealand. From May 17, people who have been in New Zealand for the previous 14 days can travel to the Cook Islands and return without having to quarantine at either end of the trip.

1:10 – The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) held a Global Summit in Cancun last month, and a primary point of discussion revolved around empowering and improving the role of women in travel and tourism positions.

1:26 – Skyscanner recently published a report exploring new and emerging trends in travel for this year. One of the trends that particularly caught my attention was that people are looking to travel to smaller destinations that feels safe and provides a good value for money.

Source: The Guardian, Seatrade-cruise, Forbes, Centreforaviation.

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Date: October 8, 2021

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