U.S. yet to decide on U.K. travel ban as nations close borders


While some nations ban travel to and from the U.K. because of a new strain of COVID, U.S. airports are busier than any other time during the pandemic. Mola Lenghi reports.

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Date: September 23, 2021

22 thoughts on “U.S. yet to decide on U.K. travel ban as nations close borders

  1. Just open the damm borders. The people on the far side of the pond are sick, we ourselves are sick. Why burn the connecting bridge. If you dont want to get sick, put on your hazmat, crawl under your bed, order contactless dominos pizza, and let the rest of us carry on.

    If theres all of a sudden a 2nd variant, you can be well assured there will be a 3rd a 4th an 8th…

  2. At present the u s could not be in a worse situation it's still got trump in power he goes off golfing while by all accounts hospital capacity there is way way beyond capacity. I hope Biden gets in soon and people start to follow the basic steps wash space and wear masks it's not as some say taking away your liberty wearing a mask how? America really needs to get on top of this virus quick a simple vaccine will take alot longer than here in England because people need two doses. We in England are inevitable to end up in a bad situation that is because the government decided to lockdown London yet again too quickly with little notice and people escaped before the deadline we don't know how many or were. I hope that there will be a time that Biden and hopefully Kier starmer in power can actually agree a great trade deal and a great New start to post Boris trump relations with the two greats kier and Joe I see a way out

  3. so what they're saying is "We have encountered a new strain of a deadly virus in UK, we must close down the borders before it gets too other countries but we're not too sure if its deadly enough to close down the borders so we're deciding to decide the decision while we are deciding since we don't know where the new strain of virus is from but it's here currently in the UK so we must close down the border but we're not sure to make that decision yet as we have already decided to do so."

  4. Don't you think its much wiser to close borders while figuring out things rather than what we all did last January? Viruses don't care about our semantics as you guys have noticed?

  5. Trump is too busy playing golf, tweeting lies about the election, or planning a coup to be concerned with anything as trivial as the health of the American people.

    Oh, yeah. He did have that China travel ban months ago. Of course it had so many exceptions that 40,000 travelers still made it in without any screening.

  6. The British are coming….the Brits are banging on our door….don’t welcome the Welsh! Gaelic on outta here Great Brits. Nothing great about ya know eh? Just grating to be around.

  7. Epic Fail. Ban all UK flights now. Is this Dr this stupid? This variant is more contagious and she doesn't think it's a threat? wtf? all this education and no common sense. smh.

  8. Where to heck is trumpty he wants everyone to suffer he needs to be taken out of the white house right now.. he's worse than hitler

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