UK announces travel 'green list'


The United Kingdom has taken some big steps forward as England put 10 countries on its first ever green list allowing citizens to travel abroad from May 17 without the need to return to quarantine.

Countries on the list include Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Portugal, Singapore, Iceland, Brunei, and the Faroe Islands.

Countries on the list will be reviewed every three weeks and the announcement comes as part of a broader traffic light system which dictates what travellers must do on their departure and return to the UK.


Date: September 29, 2021

32 thoughts on “UK announces travel 'green list'

  1. sitting in studio Instead of wasting time always blaming and warning to china and pakistan if India paid media ask questions from LIAR ARROGANT MODI and his poison administration about hospital OXEGEN today indian do not die like ENT.

  2. America would not need a border wall if it did not have birthright citizenship, immediately deported illegals after a year in prison, and imprisoned every employer who knowingly hired illegals for at least 10yrs.

  3. So all you need do is travel from U.K to Portugal and then to what ever country in Europe and than go back to U.K from Portugal to avoid quarantining for 10 days.

  4. Wahey. We can travel abroad, pay a couple of hundred quid for tests and, of course, have the so-called 'vaccine'.

    It's a 'trip of a lifetime'. Better get some good insurance though – a policy that covers 'experimental' treatments.
    What's that you say? There aren't any insurers who will?

    Go abroad after having a so-called 'vaccination'.
    Pay for tests.
    Insurance null and void.

    I do believe I'll pass.

    Gates will still be using his jet though. His only problem is choosing which one.

  5. Except here in New Zealand , we only have a bubble with Australia so anyone going to the uk has to quarantine once back here. It’s stupid

  6. The leading reason for vaccine refusal cited by 45% of those in a March poll conducted by the Delphi Group for Facebook researchers is fear of side-effects. With reported adverse events at 118,746 total in the U.S. alone, including 3,410 deaths and 1,595 permanent disabilities, it is a legitimate deterrent.

  7. We don't want people from the UK "visiting" Australia, we want all of our own citizens to get a flight on an aircraft coming to Australia and all places in quarantine facilities available first to returning Australian citizens, because that is our lawful right as citizens.

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  9. Meanwhile Australia has 6 fully vaccinated people in quarantine who tested positive for the virus. They supposedly tested negative before they boarded the flight to Australia.

  10. meanwhile in Australia convict island international travel never happen.. why is Australia on the list convict island is closed for ever… Australian government only wants to destroy small business and complete control of our lives. even when fully vaccinated Greg C**T said Australia wont open anyway so the vaccine is a LIE… goodbye freedom… next government issued ball and chain..

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