UK closes travel corridors as fears grow over new coronavirus variants – BBC News


The UK is closing all its travel corridors as fears grow about new variants of the coronavirus.

Anyone arriving in the UK will have to present a negative test and will still have to self-isolate for up to 10 days.

It came as Boris Johnson urged people to stay at home – with hospitals across the UK under extraordinary pressure.

A record 37,000 people are being treated in hospital for coronavirus with the peak not expected for another 10 days in most areas.

A quarter of patients are under the age of 55. Hospitals in Nottingham and Newcastle among others are preparing to accept intensive care patients from London, to try to ease the pressure on the worst-hit areas.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health editor Hugh Pym, transport correspondent Caroline Davies and deputy political editor Vicki Young.

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Date: September 24, 2021

41 thoughts on “UK closes travel corridors as fears grow over new coronavirus variants – BBC News

  1. It seems to me that as soon as there's a campaign or meeting at Central Gov on Climate change there is a movement in the traffic light allocation. How would you explain the recent Green to Amber message when the Covid rates in Spain are less than ours? Then again this whole Covid thing could be argued as an attempt to placate climate change Gov activists.

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  3. The latest science says we should now wear 4 masks!!! They suggest we put a cold wet teabag inside the first mask which "may" absorb the killer virus, also wear ear muffs and a woolly scarf over your eyes. It's also been muted a but plug would be beneficial as the "KILLER VIRUS" can infiltrate any orifice…jeez be careful out there people, it could be coming for you..

  4. Good luck with you British people. I wish more people just stay home and wear masks when they go ouside. It was just hopeless and miserable to see ignorant people walking around the streets with no masks.

  5. Has the hospitals struggle to keep afloat.hope on the vaccine is all but to little to late the world is slowly slipping away from us and all i can do is watch…but there is always hope..hmm

  6. The vaccines do not give sterilising immunity; you get milder symptoms and remain a carrier. Just search on The Lancet if you are interested

  7. No wonder the NHS cant cope its near breakdown with massive surge of covid patients which led to mass deaths the uk government should be held accountable for this .

  8. Its too late the damage has been done every countries in world tested people on arrival the uk let in people without testing they bought NEW STRAINS OF COVID into the uk this government is a failure should be held accountable for the mass deaths it seems that the government was careless its too late New Zealand Australia canada Europe started testing people on arrival


  10. This Tory government are the most disappointing gov we have had in my lifetime. Maybe next time our nation will vote correctly

  11. What is the meaning of dumb person?

    lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted. lacking the power of speech


  12. Seems like the non covid vaxxers are going to be barred from many of lifes enjoyment. Imagine never being allowed to travel to world wide destinations.!! Or maybe in the future denied access to many attractions in Britain. Also I can see certain shops or cinemas refusing access also. The transport services may also stop people from travelling without a covid passport.!! Things could look very bleak in the very near future.

  13. What about all the migrants? The migrants need a better life and Europe was to be their safe haven from the countries they came from. You promised they would receive sanctuary for years and now you pretend they don't even exist and completely cut them off like they are not part of humanity! Do you think the problems of migrants go away because of Covid? Why isn't there a better pathway to test all the migrants and bring them in to the European sanctuary? It's almost like these governments can just turn on and turn off migration at any time!

  14. Language is king and these media companies know exactly how to access your emotions with words. The less intelligent people fall for it hook, line and sinker every single time. The more intelligent people ask questions with reasoned logic and the less intelligent shout them down using label language. Unfortunately, intelligent people are the extreme minority. The media aren't going to change their ways and the government aren't going to pass up this opportunity to get richer so we just have to wait it out…

  15. There's a new virus….yeah ok… BBC, go and report the covid test centres…. there's no one there…so where these figures come from, I don't know!…stop reporting crap!

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