UK Covid-19: Nadhim Zahawi hammered by MPs over Covid vaccine passports at nightclubs


Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi was assailed by a host of his own side as he answered an urgent question on the proposals for using certification in nightclubs and other venues. Faced with barbs that he was talking ‘rubbish’ and did not really back the policy, Mr Zahawi admitted that it caused him ‘pain’ to ‘curtail people’s freedoms’. But he insisted it was not ‘normal times’ and the measure would be dropped as soon as possible.

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Date: September 11, 2021

28 thoughts on “UK Covid-19: Nadhim Zahawi hammered by MPs over Covid vaccine passports at nightclubs

  1. The most unbelievable bunch of politicians in any government at any time the Tory party deceit plumbs new depths there is now NOT ONE believable politician in the WHOLE pathetic TORY government AND IF POLLS ARE CORRECT THAY HAVE BEEN RUMBLED

  2. Unvaccinated young people should start going to Bingo halls. According to the government, a large outdoor venue attended by mostly young people is more dangerous than a large indoor venue attended by mostly old people. Government logic right there. Anyone really still convinced they're "following the Science" with their decision making?

  3. they are more than happy to stretch this manmade virus out for years doing what they can to set us all up for their brave new world order -giving them more powers and us, none at all.

  4. Rc humans via 5g
    Thaughts emotions behaviour health
    U better believe it
    We r in the future
    David icke was right
    There was a link between 5g and covid 19
    But like the news says he's just a conspiracy theorist

  5. what a farce .. NOW for the next wave ! thanks to the mass replacement & immigration . enough of the data , it is not facts


  7. Vaccine passports – scenario dude going out to a nightclub has been double jabbed signed his life away with the Covid passport live's a fare distance catches the train jumps into a taxi gets to the nightclub stands in the cue with all the other passport twats. BUT the person he meets on the train has a conversation them who is Covid positive but does not know it, coughs and covers the dude going to the nightclub remember the journey he caught a taxi and standing in the cue to get in to his club shows his passport gets in has a wonderful time. Dancing sweating spit sweating going everywhere now all who he comes in contact with now is infected 100's or possibility 1000's. He leaves catches his taxi now infecting them catches the train infecting all who he meets, gets home oh whos at home mum dad brothers sisters , wife who are all now infected BUT DONT WORRY THE COVID PASSPORT WILL PROTECT YOU WAKE UP

  8. I think alcohol poisoning or gurning out are more dangerous in nightclubs, imagine if they wanted to see your papers to prove you can drink responsible

  9. How come we didn't see those predicted figures that have been saved by the vaccine roll out actually happen last year when there was no vaccine, or am I missing something?

  10. People don’t follower into there lies!!! Bloody awaken! And turn off your TVs stop paying tv licenses and other high products get these idiots out!

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