UK gov working on quarantine-free travel for double-jabbed Brits


BRITS have been handed a holiday boost after Matt Hancock announced he’s “absolutely working on” plans to exempt double-jabbed sunseekers from quarantine.

The notoriously cautious health secretary said a scheme which allows the fully vaccinated to avoid having to self-isolate is “something I want to see”.

But he wouldn’t give any timeline for when it might come into force and warned the threat of new variants means “it is more difficult freeing up international travel”.

Asked about the proposals this morning, Mr Hancock said: “It is absolutely something we’re working on, it’s something I want to see.

“We’re working on plans to allow the vaccine to bring back some of the freedoms that have had to be restricted to keep people safe.

“We’ll get there when it’s safe to do so. We want to do this right, we want to do this carefully and properly.

“But of course we do want to get those freedoms back. That’s the whole point of the vaccination programme.

“When I’m in a position to be able to say something more concrete then we will do.”

Mr Hancock, who has been amongst the Cabinet ‘doves’ in favour of more restrictions, was confronted with the fact keeping the borders closed is costing the economy £600m a day.

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Holiday boost as quarantine-free travel for double-jabbed Brits ‘absolutely something’ gov working on, Hancock says

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Date: September 12, 2021

30 thoughts on “UK gov working on quarantine-free travel for double-jabbed Brits

  1. Based on what science is allowing double jabbed people quarantine free travel? Seychelles and Israel show significant numbers of vaccinated catch, transmit and fall ill with the virus…in fact vaccination may enhance transmission via "Vaccine induced asymptomatic spread". If you don't know you have it, you cannot shelter at home! I think this nonsense needs a legal challenge. It is crazy.

  2. It takes Spain and Portugal a day to exempt vaccinated people from quarantine but it take the uk months to even think about this 😴

  3. All there doing is trying to get people to take injections simple and they takeing away travel freedom unless you take the injections

  4. Yes good but the people who stock in the out side uk other country British and they been stock for month and month govt should do about them to comeback to uk govt should lift the re when people back in ik and they charge £1750and stay in hotal for 10day that is wrong that mean they making money people coming back with the negative COVID 19 and they still it’s completely wrong they should get ride this

  5. Apps to prove something so you can have freedom are ridiculous, people should get rid of smartphones and go back to living like we did in the late 90s when technology was fun.

  6. I'm sure when it stops people in comment section from going to Benidorm 4 times a year and spoons at 9am midweek, they will be crying for that 💉💉

  7. Lol, all white bojo had open borders for random refugee's and planes arriving from India every day for the last couple of months you bunch of fools welcome to jumanji haha

  8. this guy can share a cell with fraudci and chris witty bunch of traitors and boris is a joke!! now we can all see why Deagle population/GDP count for 2025 had many western countries slashed down 80%

  9. I have been listening to the guy for 18 months which means he is still here and I am still here, so can someone explain how I know no one who has had this covid or died from it, my sons know no one either and they work in front line jobs, we live in the 2nd largest city in the UK. The News says it's rampant but outside no one has it, so can anyone explain this.

  10. To anyone who didn't watch, this is just an advertisement of the likely social credit… I mean vaccine passports that will definitely not be abused by those with higher power… this guy must be so proud

  11. The actual pandemic was over months ago in the UK, it is now endemic but we have a vaccine that is 95% effective, why does this insanity continue?

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