UK new coronavirus variant “out of control” as countries announce travel bans – BBC News


The UK government has said a new mutation of the coronavirus is “out of control” in parts of England and spreading rapidly. The latest figures show more than 35,000 new infections, many in London and the south-east.

Several countries have announced that they are banning travel from the UK — with France suspending passenger and some freight transport. The Port of Dover has temporarily been closed.

New restrictions have come into force for 18 million people in England and 3 million people in Wales.

In England areas within the new Tier 4 rules include London, Kent and most of Essex. People have been told to stay home with non-essential shops closed. Christmas mixing of households will not be permitted.

The festive rules have changed in the rest of England too – with a gathering only now allowed on Christmas Day.

Mishal Husain presents BBC News at Ten reporting by political correspondent Nick Eardley, transport correspondent Caroline Davies, business editor Simon Jack and health correspondent Catherine Burns.

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Date: September 17, 2021

37 thoughts on “UK new coronavirus variant “out of control” as countries announce travel bans – BBC News

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  5. Every day same funny story .. Hospitals Empty.. Excel Empty Also cementry there is Big traffic.. Holidays destination Just for reach people. Vaccines game Nwo

  6. This is all happening in 21st century and this isn't an Apocalyptic movie or somebodys on media press specially germany talking this is not happening on tv everytime… more then 2,7 millions are killed by this virus in one year all over the planet

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  8. No matter how hard we try to keep up with the virus its will always two steps in front of us ..then three and then four and so on ..

  9. BBC, Sie sollten dringend einmal EHRLICH recherchieren: So gefährlich sind die "Mutationen" aus England und Südafrika.
    Die Daten zeigen, dass in Irland die Anzahl der Positivtests (inkl. Mutationen) von 8.227 pro Tag (8.1.21) auf 612 pro Tag (28.2.21) kontinuierlich gefallen sind = über – 92 %.
    Die Daten zeigen, dass in England die Anzahl der Positivtests (inkl. Mutationen) von 68.053 pro Tag (8.1.21) auf 6.035 pro Tag (28.2.21) kontinuierlich gefallen sind = über – 91%.
    Die Daten zeigen, dass in Südafrika die Anzahl der Positivtests (inkl. Mutationen) von 273.378 pro Tag (11.1.21) auf 83.134 pro Tag (28.2.21) kontinuierlich gefallen sind = über – 69%.
    Die Daten zeigen, dass in Portugal die Anzahl der Positivtests (inkl. Mutationen) von 16.432 pro Tag (28.1.21) auf 718 pro Tag (28.2.21) kontinuierlich gefallen sind = über – 95%.
    Quelle: Johns Hopkins Universität – Bitte gerne an unsere Politiker weiterleiten ! VERDAMMT NOCH MAL: ICH HASSE LÜGEN !

  10. In London there r prostitute houses in soho that don't move. Prostitution is illegal in England. I'd say it beyond setting an example to the word these lot r pedigree. Shameful. Boycott uk today remember oxfam scandal? Double standards? 
    Boycott uk

  11. If only China didn't try to hide the corona and took care of it well before people traveled all around the world spreading corona, it wouldn't have been this bad.

  12. Old variant didn't kill enough people now every country making it and releasing the a new variant of virus so they kill more people. Done it on purpose to kill as many people they can.

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