UK Paranormal Files | Community Bulletin #2


This episode’s discussion topics:

SETI / Dysonian SETI / Possible future SETI
Articles / sites:
NBC News:
Genetic Literacy Project:
The Next Web:

Wolfman of Dogdyke

Why do People believe in Psychic Powers?
The London Economic:

Ghost of a Victorian Boy Spotted at Borley Rectory
Essex Live News:

A Fright at the British Museum
Daily Mail:


Date: October 14, 2020

3 thoughts on “UK Paranormal Files | Community Bulletin #2

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Well, I think that you do a stellar job in relation to the presentation of your videos..
    You always delve into fringe topics, and you always put a lot of detailed effort into the making of each one..
    It's a shame that you removed a couple of your videos due to audio problems, instead of redoing the original you could do a video of a similar nature..
    I always delight in the content of your channel, the subject nature is right up my alley..
    I subscribe to another channel that features shows on the paranormal and they do their own interpretation of different Cryptids in shorter videos..
    Anyways, they posted a request on their community board for recommendations of small channels (under 1000 subs).. Channels that deserve more subscribers..
    So, I mentioned this channel..
    They are an American based channel, but are willing to promote foreign based channels as well..
    They haven't posted a follow up on the community board request as yet.. I certainly hope that they give your channel some positive feedback and call on people to check it out..
    I don't have Facebook or Twitter, or any of those other social media platforms, but I do believe that your channel will grow, it just takes time..
    Thank you so much for another riveting episode.. I enjoyed it immensely.!!
    Until next time..
    Cheers UKPF.!! 😁🥂👍🏻..

  2. Thanks for the shout out, it was very kind of you. I worked by Jodrell Bank in Cheshire that is part of the SETI experiment. Having visited i always thought they would pick up some radio wave out there in the ether. That was thirty years ago and still nothing apart from the Wow signal. I think any intelligent life out there, maybe too far advanced now to be using it or not advanced enough. Regarding the British Museum, i often visited there for lectures during my ancient history degree. Some of the artefacts date back 4000 years or more plus they have the mummie and bog bodies room. I like to visit still but i wouldn't fancy being alone at night there. Enjoyable and thought provoking, thanks.

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