UK Plans To Drop PCR Travel Tests


UK Plans To Drop PCR Travel Tests

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0:00 UK Plans To Drop PCR Travel Tests

1:22 UK Plans To Drop PCR Travel Tests

Overseas travel has been back for months and according to reports, air travel is on its way toward recovery from the slump due to the pandemic.

Being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may save travellers from a ton of headaches when travelling and will allow them to skip quarantine.

However, some countries have rules which oblige travellers to get tested for COVID-19 when reaching their territory, including the United Kingdom.

Under current UK travel guidelines, travellers from green and amber list countries have to take a PCR test on the second day of their arrival in England and failure to comply can result in a fine of up to £2,000.

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid stated that travellers to the UK from green and amber list countries will soon no longer be required to take a PCR test.

He said he was mindful of the exorbitant costs of the test and that testing measures should not be in place “for a second longer than is absolutely necessary”.

The cost of these tests has been a source of discontent for the UK travel sector.

It has complained for months that they are too expensive and are deterring prospective holidaymakers.

2:51 Deterrent to Travelling

Currently, an NHS coronavirus test for international travel costs £68, down from £88 previously.

The system to take covid test prompted allegations of malpractice, with many travellers claiming they have been exploited by private testing companies.

Travel leaders have long complained that the cost of PCR tests are too high and deter people from going abroad.

The Department for Transport will be holding a review on 1 October where they will look into scrapping PCR tests and could streamline the current three-tier system into two travel lists, with amber and green merging into one.

The review aims to make international travel more affordable and simplify the process of going abroad

3:51 UK Vaccine Passports Plan

PCR tests for international travellers were not the only items the Health Minister desired to abolish.

He said plans to make vaccine passports a condition of entry to nightclubs and other large events in England would be scrapped too.

The UK Health Minister said that having looked at the evidence, their implementation would have been “for the sake of it”.

The proposal to introduce a mandatory Covid pass at the end of September had been met with fierce opposition from the government’s own MPs.

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UK Plans to Drop PCR Travel Tests


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Date: September 16, 2021

19 thoughts on “UK Plans To Drop PCR Travel Tests

  1. Of course! 👍
    How can it be that they still use pcr tests when the inventor of it says that they can not be used for this, as they also give a positive result on many other things? 🤷‍♂️ (watched the video with the inventor)
    Just amazes me a little
    🤔 Hmm

  2. There should definitely be testing in place for travel but rules that actually help fight Covid rather than line the pockets of the Gov and private testing companies and rip off travellers. Requesting travellers to take daily free lateral flow tests that are immediate and come in packs of 7 and can be logged on the Gov website makes sense. I can’t stand the money making scandal of the current rules

  3. If UK wants its tourism industry to flourish, it should make Covid regulations simple. UK should accept travellers who have been fully vaccinated with the vaccine approved by the respective countries covered in the Greeen and Amber list.Further the quarantine requirement has to be dispensed with in case of travelers who do not have any symptoms.

  4. If only the united states would follow suit so at least the vaccinated people can enjoy to travel freely without worrying about expensive tests and knowing if you do leave the country there's a chance you might can't return for a while.

  5. I am planning to go to uae 1st week of October for 1 week. So do u need pcr test from UK to board flight? Am double dozed. Thank you

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