UK plunges into worst recession of any major economy – BBC News


The UK has fallen into its worst recession on record because of the coronavirus lockdown, contracting by more than 20% between April and June 2020. It’s the worst slump of any major global economy.

The recession – defined by six months in a row of falling output – is the first since the 2008 financial crash. The Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the figures confirmed that hard times were here and many more people were expected to lose their jobs.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by economics editor Faisal Islam and business correspondent Emma Simpson.

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Date: October 14, 2020

39 thoughts on “UK plunges into worst recession of any major economy – BBC News

  1. Here in canada , many dont work , the ones that do pay for so many that dont , the world will never be the same , grow your own food , vertical grow towers up every wall , tiny led lights , the end is nigh for many , save every dollar and buy silver , good luck eh ..

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  4. Flatten the curve – Delay herd immunity.

    Save the NHS – Don't go to hospital.

    Stay Safe – Be Afraid.

    Stay Alert – ??

    Social distancing – Anti-Social Isolation.

    Cases – Positive PCR Test, known for false positives.

    Comorbidities – Had other illnesses.

    Lockdown – Tyrannical Care.

    Wear a mask – Conformity is now virtuous.

    Not wearing a mask – Selfish/Rebellious.

    Furlough – Hide the destroyed Economy with our money.

    V shaped recovery – Yeah, Right!

    Curfew – A gauge of psychological control. Taking the Piss.

    Bubble – Taking the Piss.

    Rule of Six – Taking the Piss.

    Second Wave – Don't Relax Yet!

    New normal – New World Order

    The Great Reset – Humanity Incorporated

    The Green New Deal – Masses Pollute. Billionaires Don't.

    4th Industrial Revolution – One World. Hive Mind.

    Currency – Debt

    Masses – Debt Slaves

    Countries – Tax Farms

    Muzzle/Track&Trace/Vaccinate/Herd – Animals

    Politicians – Compromised Professional Liars

    Controllers – Families/Global Institutes/Corporations/Banks

    Covid – Psychopaths wet dream.

  5. We’ve been hit in Bath very bad I’ve never seen it like it is today it heartbreaking to see it and you say it’s going to get worse I don’t know how as we are at rock bottom

  6. Thalidomide is safe, Saddam has Weapons of Mass Destruction, cigarettes are harmless, Covid deaths are rising…

  7. Will only get worse if ridiculous plans to have people on the boards of UK firms based on skin colour are brought to fruition.
    Communism at its worst, ability is all that matters.

  8. The controlled demolition of the worlds economy which will usher in the one world economy, one world religion and one world government. Covid 19 is a manufactured crisis. Time is running out and life will not return to normal. Please don’t take the nanotechnology vaccine . Revelation 18.23 by there pharmakeia (pharmaceuticals) they deceived the nations. God loves you 🙏

  9. Fu@king over young people again, who aren't even affected by covid, I fell like I've been Fu@ked over by the government all my life,

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  11. It is nowhere near as bad as the situation in EU as the euro currency is the major factor in the economic performance of the PIIGS which are handicapped the high value of the euro, which is due to the better performing northern economies. They are condemned to stagnation and the unemployment that goes with it because they can do nothing to Germake their prices competitive in the world market due to its overvaluation. The biggest commercial bank of Germany ,Deutsche Bank, is even more badly performing than other banks in Europe and has a lot of worthless paper non-performing bond investments. The economic crisis , due to the wreckless mismanagement of the central banks, has brought about this situation and has also ruined saving with zero interest rates. It is one huge mess like quicksand ,the more you struggle the further down you sink.

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  18. UK Lost billions of dollars to Europe countries, so after BREXIT, UK may suffer for 2021, all the problems will solve in 2022, 2023, 2024 gradually

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