UK Running A Racket In Guise Of COVID Travel Norms: Suhel Seth Uninterrupted


Suhel Seth reveals the full extent of the ‘racket being run in the UK apart from the sheer harassment’ in the name of COVID travel norms.

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Date: September 28, 2021

31 thoughts on “UK Running A Racket In Guise Of COVID Travel Norms: Suhel Seth Uninterrupted

  1. What do expect from a country which is still set in its colonial mindset to rule & plunder… Will UK dare put these measures against Chinese nationals?

  2. Suhel the brits are surviving on loot of Trillions of dollars from India before independence. They do not have anything of them. Make them repay every penny with simple interest they and monarchy won't have a single clothe to cover themselves.Their palaces, museum, treasury every thing is showcase of loot. UK is thief of Europe.

  3. England trying to pull this ridiculous behaviour on India in 2021? Are they serious or have they gone Alzheimic. I mean the world knows that the Great has fallen off the signboard and only Britain is left there now and even that is tattered and torn after Brexit.
    What are they up to?
    I think the diplomatic team of the Indian Government must get busy and decide if they should refer Britain to the poor house!

  4. India do all the Quad job…asked to fight for Quad in front…at the back India is adopted child….the weakling..

  5. Why the hell people go to UK. There are lot of universities all over the world, US,Australia, Newzealand, Ireland etc.Let our students go there.

  6. Very Good and valuable inputs by Mr.Suhail Seth. Proper substiatead by numbers and realistic Scenario. I agree with solutions suggested. Indian Leadership should incorporate and act by realignment Indian Image to the Global Platform by British Government. Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  7. This is nothing to get emotional about. In my humble opinion, the British are trying to stall the progress of CoWIN as an internationally accepted standard.

  8. Britain, once the greatest colonial power of 20th century, now, finds itself fast losing ground below the feet. With self imposed brexit the country finds itself cornered in the world of trade and commerce. Now depends on such countries, whom they have subjugated. Suhel Seth have some empathy for them, it is one of means of sustenance. Now, Britain and not India will be forced to subjugate before the powers to be. The fall of once might empire is imminent.

  9. Lord Popat is a Popat. Let's take out our all investments from Britain then we will see the lordship of these popats who are still bootlicking their colonial masters.

  10. UK sees it as an opportunity to get money, and they want only the rich to travel their country to extract more money from them, all this talk of respect, humanity and reasonableness has no value for them.

  11. Absolutely spot on. UK is a money making machine and it is a piety that they have thought of COVID to make those extra bucks. The students are harassed at no end, in addition to COVID tests they even charge for e mails written to the british embassy. Ridiculous

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