UK to scrap quarantine rule for Britons travelling abroad


Britons will be able to go on summer holidays abroad as the government prepares to announce that people travelling to certain countries will no longer be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon returning to the UK.

Ministers are poised to clear the way for trips to France, Greece and Spain after confirming the quarantine measures would be changed at Monday’s review.

Officials will replace existing rules with a traffic light system that will see countries placed into green, amber and red categories based on the prevalence of coronavirus in each.

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Date: October 1, 2021

45 thoughts on “UK to scrap quarantine rule for Britons travelling abroad

  1. Apparently I’m going to wales for a holiday for 3 days. The worst thing is that I am forced to go because my parents said so , I wasn’t comfortable with going because I’m still not comfortable with the quarantine rules , I’d rather just stay home, last few years I went holidays in Africa , Europe and Asia but with quarantine around and going on a road trip at this time it makes me feel stressed and annoyed , idk…

  2. Non essential travel not for some traveling plebs.
    Travel insurance?
    Crazy to travel abroad wearing masks for 2 weeks far too soon and risky during a health pandemic when the UK has the highest number of cases and deaths in Europe.
    Potential spreaders catching and bringing it back in UK with no checks at airports or quarantine?
    This is how the virus got into the country in the first place! crazy when the virus is still not under control and vulnerable people are still dying daily.
    A holiday abroad this year is the last thing on my mind.
    I will wait until next year when safer to do so and probably have holiday in Cornwall or Devon.

  3. They do the quarantine because they want people to spend holidays in Britten’s not to go abroad some Europe country done the quarantine in March not in June

  4. Instead,after the barbaric behaviour of people at beaches in England, they've got the right to spend a delightful holiday wherever they like. NOT FAIR PLAY

  5. Seven months waiting for hugging my sons in Spain,booking flight for tomorrow the 30th ,desperately expecting a word from UK gov as been announced. Definitely we had to cancel travel so as not to lose job with quarantine

  6. What a joke! They shouldn't ease this quarantine rule based on holiday preferences, but based on the situation in different countries.Just because people wish to travel wherever they want to travel doesn't mean the Gov should scrap teh quarantine requirement. They must scrap it for visitors to the UK from wherever there is a low risk, irrespective of the fact that they are returning British Holiday makers or visitors. Common Sense!

  7. Air bridges lol other countries should not allow any British people in because we are still not over this, the muppets who went on the beaches prove that we will be getting a second wave and when 2 people who care more about getting married in Majorca than the pandemic that we are still in. shows the ignorance of the young.

  8. Why is going abroad on holiday the be and the end all of all what means going on holiday each year , and not even a hot summer at holiday to beautiful Cornwall , Devon , Wales Isle of Wight etc at home in Uk is not considered a holiday anymore ? Especially in these very risky times travelling abroad and how each country controls the virus !
    We saw how much everyone loved Bournemouth . But If all the Uk resorts were to open and many choose to stay home this year could be one of the best ever for the UK tourist hotel holiday economy, maybe the best since package holidays abroad existed since 1970s etc and it would deffo help see off its collapse they trump on about alot now. (Yes i have never been abroad myself or any UK holiday last 6 years but there are soo amny nice places i would rather see here in Blighty first rather than sit on a beach for 2 weeks getting wrecked and bit bored .)

  9. Mental, mental, mental. It was obvious from Bournemouth beach that humans are the virus and Covid is the cure. This proves our government is totally bonkers. God help us all.

  10. Flight companies brought this deadly CORONAVIRUS into the U.K. 🇬🇧 from infected countries.
    Another huge outbreak is on the way with thousands more deaths of your loved ones ⚘

  11. This sky ponce is a disgrace to even mention conditions and levels of unhappiness at this hotel while there are 3 innocent people in the morgue and a others seriously injured.

  12. Glad to see someone's got the balls to get rid of long-bailey. A revolting specimen of human who needed to be sacked from labour

  13. At last, a sensible decision. The idea of going abroad, having to spend 14 days in a hotel room, then being allowed out for ac week or 2 designated walk around, flying back to the UK to spend another 14 days quarantine just blows the average 20 days annual leave out of the water. There maybe a few that'll go abroad this year but forget the numbers that went out last year. Don't bother expanding Heathrow as the tourist industry will have been decimated. Airlines will be lucky to get half capacity on their flights. Leg room sir? Of course just take up another row of seats

  14. Wait until next weekend, already nicknamed "Super Saturday" begins. UK thinks Coronavirus has gone away… just like Trump did !!

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