UK travel ban | SA's 'red list' status questioned


33 thoughts on “UK travel ban | SA's 'red list' status questioned

  1. Where is the SA ambassador to the UK and quite frankly, DIRCO? What have they done to counter this "prevalence of Beta and it's ability to circumvent vaccines" argument? Where is the data – you are making calls on a paramount and far reaching issue that have very little basis in reality. The US has given SA the go ahead, and so has Germany, to name just two of the strongest economies in the world.

  2. I'm a British citizen, fully vacanated in England.currently In South Africa and its no easier for me to return as it is for a non vaccinated South African to travel to England

  3. Like the way he says "its not true that its political" the UK are trying to align themselves with powerful countries after brexit. US,UK & AUS security deal. India coming off the red list after just two weeks while millions were infected ( also a business deal between the countries, They now have special business passports for indians) They are struggling, suddenly no CO2, no cheap labour from EU, food shortages. they will never admit that whoever makes the decisions is doing it for political reasons. – I've been saying this for months. We're are not getting answers and worst of all is that these Brits think that Africans were born without brain cells. – its insulting.

  4. High Commissioner please fire Melanie Campbell she is a racist bitter white lady who works at your Pretoria Offices. Masquerading as a sympathizer to the black cause but condescending towards black people’s ability to think for themselves.

  5. It's to prop up their hotels. You have to stay at a four star hotel. You can only eat the hotel food. Costs around R 40 000 per person.

  6. Our SA government need to ask UK government what they require in order for them to allow us to enter and take us off the red list . And i think we need to up our game and our paperwork such as creating GR codes for our vaccines in order to meet their requirements. Hurry up SA GOV

  7. What a load of utter BS!! .. The beta variant is in the France, Germany, the US & India … all countries not on the red list. Lets not even talk about the hundreds of Beta-variant cases in the UK itself. This is pure racist BS!!

  8. Good point,in particular 8:31, Good questions girl and unfortunately no answers from the whole of this interview. He’s just fluffing about.

  9. Al getting too much for South Africans. Well done for a more direct approach to this issue from the interviewer. Now she can also tackle the United States. Open to all other but South Africa not important.

  10. "We are looking forward to discussing with the South African government " …. bet you the SA ambassador is sleeping under a rock

  11. I'm getting married in November, and I have family in the UK… We have been praying hard for things to change, but this has just been so disappointing…

  12. Basically it all comes down to a choice. Too many people in South Africa have chosen NOT to vaccinate which translates into a choice by the UK government not to allow South Africans to travel to their country. Respect choice!

  13. This South Africa sounds desperate to get UK improve SA economy, its embarrassing. The SA certificate is paper others are using electronic so obviously it can't be recognised

  14. The house boys and girls just don't understand do they. They are not wanted inside the house. But continue to lick baas until you are happy. I say he can take my jab up his ar*e

  15. This guy is so patronising look at Kenya and Egypt they have less vaccinated citizens than South Africans. This is pathetic stop saying it’s based on science Adam you’re lying full stop.

  16. Rubbish why are other European countries not worried about Beta variants? Why are the Germans, French and others allowing South Africans? The red list is political not based on science or data. U.K. is just bitter and resentful because SA snubbed Oxford AstraZeneca in favour of Pfizer and J&J. They are just wicked

  17. lmao grilling him on a highest top notch level at its best facts. I'm sure this guy will have sleepless nights the entire week being embarrassed like this worse with your own language.

  18. My girlfriend is British and would love to be available to visit her family in Scotland.
    But this is embarrassing. Look at us crying over being on a red list

  19. 'Scientific'? When Kenya is way behind us but gets taken off? My arse. These poms are still pissed off because the Boks thrashed them in the Rugby World Cup!

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