UK Travel News // Amber List Countries Update


UK travel update 👇
– Portugal goes amber
– France is letting vaccinated people in from the 9th
– Extra bank holiday for that long 2022 weekend break we all need

What you need to know if your flight gets cancelled:


Date: September 11, 2021

21 thoughts on “UK Travel News // Amber List Countries Update

  1. Hi Jen.

    I am actually trying to look for any upate or info in my situation and i came across your channel. I am currently living in Thailand and unfortunately UK GOV move us from amber to red list. i am a Tier 2 or skilled worker visa holder and planning to travel on October. does that mean i cant travel in the UK and pay for the quarantine as i am not a resident or british national? appreciated of your help.. all the best in this channel

  2. So you take the woefully untested vaccine to fly. Flying increases your chances of blood clots. Blood clots are increased because of the vaccine. Apart from the cost of the tests (which are tests that only should be used in strict laboratory conditions) what about the cost in lives. You've taken a vaccine to go on a holiday that you may not return from?

  3. Does a 8 year old need to have a test to enter Spain and then another test to enter the uk, plus the day2 and day 8. As I’m very confused?

  4. I am in redlist country right now can i visit any amber list countries stay there 10 days then after that I back to uk I m british national . Before back to uk take PCR test negative and come back to uk get vaccination.

  5. My friend is meant to be travelling to Malaga soon and I want to go with her. But I haven’t had my Covid-19 jab yet. And I don’t know whether I will need to have it or not. Malaga is currently on the amber list I think? So do I just need a negative pcr test? It’s meant to be getting reviewed again at the end of June right? She’s meant to be going in the second second week of July.
    I’ve been looking into things and some places say that some airlines don’t require you to have the vaccine. You just have to provide them with a negative pcr test and you’re fine. But then others say if you are going to certain places you have to have the vaccine but they’re all pretty dated. Like the latest dates the websites I’m looking on say like beginning of may and the start of the year. So I don’t know what’s what anymore.

    Also I’m deathly afraid of n e e d l e s. And my mum had a really bad reaction to her Covid jab and one of my friends also got a bad reaction too. So if I can avoid having it then great but if I have to have it then I’m just going to have to deal with passing out/blacking out (I end up blacking out when I’ve had any type of I n j e c t I o n or b l o o d test. And I hate it. So like I said. If I can avoid it I’m going to try to but if I have to have it I will. Because I think it’ll be good for both of us to go

  6. How long red list countries stay on the red list, do you think, end of july, august, september? Think of coming back from a red list country only if removed. Do you have any idea?

  7. Hello, I am in the process of moving out of uk, to France. I need to go to empty my storage in London. Do I need to book; day 2+ day 8 pcr ( I won’t be there for day 8 ) and also get the fit to travel to leave uk ?
    Thanks ( I had one jab in uk – hoping to do jab 2 when ever I can, where ever I can ) thanks

  8. A friend from Poland is going to visit me in the UK this August.
    I live in a one room apartment so social distancing/quarantine is very difficult or impossible.
    What should they do? Find a hotel for a 10-day quarantine?

  9. Adding/removing other counties to green/amber/red list won't help as long as it is not certain that the Astra-Zeneca vaccine is effective… You could go on and on and on like that….

  10. Do you also need to take a PCR test before getting on the flight from Spain back to the uk? As well as the day 2&8 ?

  11. I live in Portugal and going to visit my boyfriend in Cambridge on the 26. Is it okay for me to quarantine at his place?

  12. So is a pcr test also needed whilst on holiday within 72 hrs of flying back into the uk so that you can show a negative result upon landing back in the uk? Or just pcr tests during the quarantine period? Thanks.

  13. the fact that europe is open for uk tourists yet the uk wants everyone to stay in this crap country. it's a shame. I'm all booked for italy and I wont have to isolate and I'll be safe as there are tourists where I go. But also no one will isolate going back to the uk. there's no point.

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