In today’s video update, we will talk about the new travel rules for entering in to the UK when traveller is fully vaccinated. 🔴 Whatsapp Group / Telegram Channel: 🔴 IMPORTANT LINK:

From 19 July 2021, fully vaccinated UK residents coming back to the UK from amber list countries is no longer required to quarantine upon arrival.

On the other hand, those coming back from France still need to quarantine in the UK even if fully vaccinated. Travelers need to be fully vaccinated with either an NHS administered vaccine in the UK (and must have been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days) or have taken part in an approAved UK vaccine clinical trial. Consequently, those travellers vaccinated outside the UK will still be obligated to quarantine upon arrival in the UK from amber list countries.

Those travellers coming back to the UK need to complete a pre-departure test before their arrival in the UK, along with a COVID-19 PCR test on or before Day 2 after arrival. They will no longer have to self-isolate or take a day 8 test after arrival. Children under the age of 18 will also not be obligated to quarantine upon arrival in the UK (even if unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated).



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Date: September 25, 2021


  1. I am Canadian and will be traveling to the UK mid September for 2 weeks or so. I am fully vaccinated (2 doses). Canada is still on the Amber list. Can you please confirm that I do NOT need to quarantine when I get to the UK? I only need a negative test before traveling and a negative day 2 test after arrival, correct? So no need for a day 8 test, correct? Please let me know as soon as possible, thank you!

  2. Many EU countries allow their citizens to go to Turkey and their infection rate is very stable. Either the U.K. is useless in terms of controlling the spread or it’s to do with Boris Johnson’s hate towards Turkish people. His hate comes from his great grandfather. He was brutally killed during the fights of independence in Turkey. He was accused for being a treater.

  3. Why isn’t UAE going off red list. Yes it’s an aviation hub but they have the most covid safety measures better then any other airport. Touchless technology. Most of the population is inoculated. 2nd place to Israel 🇮🇱. Why is it still red. The virus is under good control in dxb

  4. but remember even if vaccinated you have to complete a test before returning and if found to be positive, then you have to remain in the resort for another ten days at your own cost! travel is not practical until tests are not required just proof of vaccine

  5. Why should a fully vaccinated traveller be quauatine on getting to the UK, this is wrong, it means the vaccine sent to Africa is not genuine, why should Amber list be quarantine after been vaccinated in their country.

  6. Does anyone know if it's still going to be compulsory to have the vaccine before entering UK once this pandemic is over??

  7. Lying puppets. You have to look beyond them to their higher up family members who give the orders. 'All wars are bankers wars' by Michael Ribero, via yandex not gogle. Then read about their black nobility relatives too. Not all supposed Jews or RC's, either. They pretend to any faith that suits at any time.
    Don't forget their various Mengele quacks and nurses, scientists and upper ranks of the police and military.

  8. Im from Holland. Someone know when I go to England without quarantine? Im 2 times vaccinated with Pfizer. Some can do a guess when I can go?

  9. Philippines please removed to the red list.
    My husband suffered for stroke and I can't do anything here in the Philippines for him. I can't send him alone because of his situation.

  10. I have a question now . I am from Uzbekistan , but now I am in Dubai , UAE . I am fully vaccinated . I got two doses of vaccine here in Dubai . So , if I go to London now , they will put me in the mandatory quarantine or I will be free ?

  11. When is the red list getting updated? Please do reply if possible. I hope the red list get update soon with some good news for red list too…. Hopping to hear soon

  12. Hello
    I have applied for my exceptional assurance on July 11, 2021 and I didn't get any reply from team yet. Is anyone able to sort out this issue for me. That would be very grateful

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