UK travel update: Everything you need to know amid major changes


The Sun’s Travel Editor Lisa Minot explains everything you need to know amid major changes concerning the UK travel rules.

Germany, Austria and Norway were among those declared safe for holidaymakers and piled on the green list, while Dubai was sensationally moved from red to amber. The news will come as a huge boost to millions of Brits hoping to jet off this month.

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Everything you need to know for green and amber list holidays amid major changes

Dubai holidays back on from MONDAY in major boost

Mexico slapped on red list in holiday blow as travel put at ‘high risk’ amid worrying new Colombian variant

Price of hotel quarantine goes up by £500 – with ten-night stay costing £2,285

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Date: September 14, 2021

38 thoughts on “UK travel update: Everything you need to know amid major changes

  1. I have been advised not to take a PCR test because I'm recovered from covid about and got a recovery certificate which Spain said they will accept however the UK isn't clear about whether you take a PCR, antigen whatsoever tests. And why the quarantine while you got natural immunity

  2. WTF! India goes to amber 🤔 supposedly there where 1000s dying in the streets not a few months ago and holiday destinations like turkey are still red what a load of BS

  3. Students are coming from India and Boris clown knows they can’t pay for the quarantine that’s why India got moved to the amber list

  4. Why do you people need to go on holiday? The truth is you don’t, it’s moronic, international travel is what caused the pandemic to spread. What has sitting on your butts on 80% been to much for you? Get a grip!

  5. Any measure mandated by the gov't should be paid for by the gov't… preferably out of their own personal wealth & not landed on the taxpayers.

  6. So now the Canadian Alberta court has scrapped all covid restrictions yesterday as it was proven legally the virus has never been isolated where do we go from here ??

  7. They will keep plugging away until people get bored of the argument and give in. And they will win and we will become slaves to i.d. cards. That is all. And your children will be born slaves.

  8. India has more cases of corona variants why its in ambar list and pakistan with least cases is still in red list … Dirty politics ..

  9. This uk governments are frauds money grabbers come on man more countries should have been moved to amber like Kenya Pakistan etc.

  10. Uk government should honestly say. Hello poor people give us some alone holiday time for those we can afford it . Rubbish government.

  11. Do not do anything that governments want you to do! Governments obey the people! People do not obey governments!
    What is this slapper talking utter rubbish for?
    She needs to shut her waffling up!

  12. If the Gov of the Uk wants the British People to take the PCR test most working class family can't afford those test not even for 1 person what if its a household of 4 make the PCR test cheaper then most will take the Test

  13. GRAPHINE oxide found in jabs by Spanish scientists stronger than steel and can withstand very high temperatures, responds to 4and 5G. But shhhhhhhhh don’t ask any questions

  14. Health Secretary still managed to get covid after being double jabbed. So no thanks, I don’t want the jab.

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