In today’s video update, we will talk about the latest travel updates which allow travellers from Green and Amber list countries to come to the UK without any Covid checks 🔴 IMPORTANT LINK: 🔴 Whatsapp Group / Telegram Channel:

Border Officers in England no longer have to check whether new arrivals have received a negative Covid test

An order sent to Border Force staff, confirms that for arrivals from countries on the amber and green lists which are as follows:

Officers are not obligated to routinely check for a passenger locator form or pre-departure testing or tests to be taken on day two and eight after arriving in to the UK.

Where the IT system specifies a passenger locator form has not been found, officers are not obligated to check for the form, or question the passenger unless the passenger displays other “warning or behavioural signs to imply non-compliance”.



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Date: October 12, 2021


  1. Just got turned back by Ryanair last week Thursday when I attempted to fly from Luxembourg to London. Ryanair gave me the run around to get a 25 euro antigen test, and order a 2nd and 8th day home test kit for 154 euro even after I presented my covid vaccine certificate. I got back 45 minutes later and the door was shut. I lost over 300 euros last week and couldn't fly.
    I'll wait for a concrete report but won't fly Ryanair.
    Missed a good friend's wedding and a graduation.
    I'm still licking the wounds I got from Ryanair. Grrr!

  2. so u need negative covid test when u enter Uk what about when u have to return back say to italy do u still have to show a covid test again?

  3. Is that includes france. Because i have had a very bad experience. I believe the restrictions i have been through were ultrawild, excesive
    1. I had to pay for test making online purchase
    2. I had to fill up passenger locator form online. Most of the time you need to start over and over the system stacks on some questions. Have you visited ….isles no i haven't and there you stack. Never people who doesn't speak English..
    3. You get isolated 10 days meaning times of your life have been hijacked. People like me need walk at least 2hrs day no you it doesn't matter suffer in silence no hear out in addition if you don't have no one in the country you should live on delivery and that is not healthy and costly.
    4. When you receive the test kits which cost around £150. If you don't have money go and borrow. You need to register the pack they ask you many questions. If you don't and send it without registration…..
    5. The worse of all you have in daily basis phone calls starting ' warning this communication is recorded and did you understand, do you confirm and agree they speak so fast i cannot recall every word
    i have traveled because i had too. Reaching 10 days you didn't to go because you feel as if you are in another dimension. Is it really necessary this restriction when you hear in the everyday an increase.

  4. They don’t ask for any details entering Spain or flying back to the uk. It’s a money making scam. Suppose as long as you have paid there not really bothered. When will this scamdemic end?? Enough Is enough

  5. That's great news! I recommend everyone to check out James Asquith's youtube channel, he makes the funniest aviation travel videos. Definitely worth watching.

  6. What is non the UK? = didn't vote conservatives 🤣🤣🤣 Can we simply travel? I didn't see me kids for almost 2y with this bs…

  7. So I’m confused. Their Government website still states that even if you have been fully vaccinated and you are coming from an Amber list country you’ll still have to self-isolate and pay for two Covid tests. Their Government website even says if you’re coming from a Green list country you have to do a Covid test on day 2 after your arrival. Wow, that’s a lot of “hoops” to jump through and money spent for testing. Which is probably what is really driving all of this.

  8. I am Senegalese I live in Italy but my little brother lives in London he is 19 years old he had Italian nationality and he managed to enter England before January 01, 2021 he works and he is valid in England I am 22 years old I have Italian nationality but I have a stay of 5 years I am considered an Italian citizen so I would like to join my brother in London but I do not know what to do because he cannot invite me in addition if I make the tomorrow of tourist visa I can not work with this visa I need your help please find me a solution I would really like meet him in london pleaz help

  9. I understood you need to take the vaccine to travel if you do not have the vaccine you cannot travel what I am hanging is different from what you saying so tell me is it a mess I have to take the vaccine

  10. I clearly agree to your videos but why is there no changes for a red list countries. It has been long time now finally there should be a change in red list countries too. They should do a home quarantine for a month so, we don't have to pay that much amount has you know not every single got that much money. Hope to see some great news.

    Thank you

  11. Я понимаю, что вы пытаетесь смотреть на вещи правильно и здраво, но боюсь, что джин, выпущенный из бутылки обратно не залезет.

  12. I really wish they'd let visitors from red list countries in without mandatory hotel quarantine, considering that they're fully vaccinated. They could at least allow us to quarantine at home or lower the costs. The quarantine costs are far too much for students to be able to afford, it's almost 3 months rent.

  13. Bloody hell I have all vaccines and why do I need to do pcr test again ? Ridiculous!!
    I will go to amber list country and they don’t accept nhs free pcr test .
    Cheapest one is £55 per person .
    everything is about money .
    What’s the differences between free test and other test .
    Fucking joke …

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