UK's next prime minister revealed – BBC News


Boris Johnson has been elected new Conservative leader in a ballot of party members and will become the next UK prime minister.
He beat Jeremy Hunt in a poll of Tory members, winning 92,153 votes to Mr Hunt’s 46,656.
The former London Mayor takes over from Theresa May on Wednesday.

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Date: July 25, 2019

31 thoughts on “UK's next prime minister revealed – BBC News

  1. In a true democracy a government can only be changed by a General Election. If the ruling party changes its leader then the leader changes the government and its policies that is not democracy. It is a two stage coup.

  2. What a Jolly Dolly PM Boris Johnson is so happy, so clappy knows his success before the results Many congratulations to you sir…Loads of honor and great responsibility given to you by your parliament to lead a very great country United Kingdom to rule its kingdom….

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