UK's travel green list is expanding, but what are the risks?


The countries added to the green list are due to the low COVID-19 case figures, but British holidaymakers could bring the virus with them.

Those double vaccinated could be protecting themselves as well as holidays.

Sky’s science correspondent Thomas Moore has been looking at the data.

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Date: September 11, 2021

44 thoughts on “UK's travel green list is expanding, but what are the risks?

  1. A plane full of people returning from Gibraltar have been told to isolate due to the delta variant being detected on numerous passengers. Why is Gibraltar still on the green list? Is it incompetence?

  2. wonder what percentage of the jabberdabberdoos will succumb to clots and auto immune diseases in the future…im hoping a lot, too many useless idiots in the world that go to be removed from the gene pool..

  3. People believe this Bs 🙈
    From A virus with a 99% plus survival rate 🙄
    Nothing sells vaccines like fear 💉🇩🇪💰

  4. I won’t be taking part in any vaccination scheme as long as my civil liberties are being used as a means of coercion

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  6. “It is time to DISTINGUISH for the purposes of FREEDOM from RESTRICTION between the VACCINATED and UNVACCINATED, both for citizens here for domestic purposes; but also for our citizens and those from other countries in respect of TRAVEL on the basis that being VACCINATED substantially REDUCES risk.''
    Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister, 2021

    ''As mass-vaccination campaigns roll out across the globe at dramatically different paces, disparities are already emerging between countries – with significant implications for the normalisation of international travel.

    Even within countries, short to medium term, there will be distinctions between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. The only way to navigate allowing people to travel internationally again will be for travellers to show their current status on Covid-19. This must include a traveller’s vaccine status and/or testing status.

    For these reasons, we recommend the government urgently seeks to put in place a global Covid-19 travel pass, compatible across international travel systems. The UK should then lead global efforts to see this pass approved and introduced around the world.''
    Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, 28th January 2021

  7. British epidemiologist Tom Jefferson and Professor Carl Heneghan:

    “The use of the word ‘cases’ implies that all cases are the same. They are not. Those who really matter are the contagious and the gravely ill (with the two categories overlapping). This data is not reported presumably because the numbers are not known and are lost in the testing frenzy…

    ..government’s approach has been publishing worst-case scenarios. These assumptions so far have largely proven to be unreasonable and, all too often, flatly incorrect.”

  8. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  9. If your reasoning about this, don't waste your time. This is all fiction, a twisted and sick narrative.. death which was hitherto natural has become a terrorist.

  10. Remember people the Euros football is taking place, what’s happening on Teli ain’t happening outside in the real world. Accept Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and our true saviour.

  11. This is why gb news is taking over, sky news talk absolute garbage, positive tests are not cases, cases are not deaths, get it right ffs

  12. OPEN UP NOW. Let those who haven't vaccinated take their own chances! If they die, so be it. Our freedoms are not worth the lives of a few.

  13. It is bullshit There is no Delta variant It is a control tactic Bill Gates predicted this one too Stay vigilant world pay attention Doesn't take a man with a tin hat to see the reality It is right in front of our eyes And has been For decades upon decades And all comes down to money power control-Coop
    #TenToezDowN #Movement #WeThePeople

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