Undercover video reveals brutal treatment of Falun Gong prisoners inside Chinese labor camps


A California family is taking their fight to the Chinese government after they say their loved one was tortured and killed inside of a Chinese labor camp nearly 20 years ago, simply for supporting the spiritual meditation practice known as Falun Gong. Now, never before seen undercover video given to FOX 11 is revealing what life is like for political prisoners inside of those Chinese labor camps. http://bit.ly/2LVHRoj


Date: January 17, 2020

33 thoughts on “Undercover video reveals brutal treatment of Falun Gong prisoners inside Chinese labor camps

  1. this already happened in hong kong now, hundreds of young people were taken to china and disappeared. hk police were involved in gang rapes and murders of protesters, some sent to china to havast their organs.

  2. So much of products and goods exported to different parts of the world from China. Don’t fucking buy it. At least 40% of goods are made by these prisoners by forceful and torturous means. I feel so so sad and ……..huh so much to say but speechless.

  3. It's incredible how many fools fall for this propaganda. Falun Gong have been proven to be liars time and time again. People will believe anything as long as it reflects negatively on China.

  4. That´s sad but many companies support this by having factory´s in China,they support children working 12 hours 6 d/w.It´s so cynical to act like rest of the world act.They use cheap labor,use those transplanted organs secretly but publicly they are against that practices.
    All of that countries have bilateral relations and earn money from them.Only way is to exclude China from any business with rest of the world,but…
    There is always but,same practice could be find in other countries and that´s why everybody close they eyes.
    Only hope is that armagedon is near and will whipe out the mankind,i hope.

  5. Just like the holocust (Naziz) what can we do to stop this this Toulouse we must stop this what animal has the audacity to chain someone to a bed to take organ disgusting I swear I would trade all my money for those people HORRIBLE

  6. They have a quota of murder to offer organ transplants to anyone in need guaranteed in 2 hours, rest of the world 6 month wait list??? Where else do they get the organs from?

    The ccp also bribes us politicians with child sex slaves that cant be tracked or traced. China just got caught and the Clinton foundation was in the middle of it all!!!

  7. It's funny how even when individuals brave enough to step forward and speak of the atrocities committed by the communist party, the majority of the herd from or in china still believe that the CCP are the manifestation of divinity. What kind of a shock is needed to wake these people from the sleep?

  8. ChiNazi had been eradicating any form of faith replacing it with CCP religion. Love, Faith and loyalty only to CCP. You shall not worship any god other than CCP. If you practice any other faith you will know the truth that ChiNazi in its entirety is evil, inhumane, barbaric, thugs, thieves, goons, and no soul, no rules of law, does all the wrong things….any Chinese must not be against all these….the solution: eradicate all faiths and make CCP/ChiNazi communism as the only religion.

  9. This is so saddening, that they actually believe these CCP degenerates are actually holding onto body of her loved one! The audacity of the Chinese to actually charge her morgue fees. 😞

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