United Showbiz With Abeiku Aggrey Santana 28/08/21


43 thoughts on “United Showbiz With Abeiku Aggrey Santana 28/08/21

  1. Paa solo was then the youngest musician in Ghana with back to back hit. Highlife music always a hit… Nice to see and hear from you…

  2. Ah guys for talk true small, Paa Solo and the band’s performance wasn’t that “great” and “amazing “ like these pundits are making us believe, it could have been better. They just want to be nice. Pat Thomas’s was more on point. Next time they need a better band cos this one could do better.

  3. A plus is always making the show confusion. I don’t know why he comes to the show. He doesn’t contribute that well.

  4. Fantastic uncle pat. This is music. Thanks sister McBrown for this program. May you live long for promoting our legends

  5. Eeeiii!! Why is Abeiku Santana looking like "YOGI BEAR" of Yellowstone National Park (Cartoon Series)?? It's uncanny.

  6. AshGold too,Oneman he is a security guard at AGA obuasi mines.he composed their anthem or whatever for Dem…they have been doing him go and come saaaa..Name : Jonathan Arthur

  7. Paa Solo. We his cassettes in our house. I remember how we will play and turn the cassette. Great bandsmen, good instrumentation. You guys are good. Especially the trumpeters playing the horns.

  8. Yes, that's my Arnold ooo, irrespective of the rhythm, he would give out his dancing skills to support the artist and show. God bless you Arnold.

  9. Kency got you looking dapper Masa Abei & Arnold..Long live UTV production, the whole panel and guest on the show tonight..@Breezy_z here✌️✌️

  10. The Legendary Pat Thomas. He still looks strong and handsome. National Lotteries should have paid him more than what was paid. Uncle Pat should have been given a residual cheque. PERIOD!!!

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