Vaccine Racism By UK? Shashi Tharoor Speaks To Rajdeep Sardesai On UK's Quarantine Rules For Indians


EXCLUSIVE: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor has said he is pulling out of an event in the United Kingdom after the country declared that fully vaccinated Indians will still have to undergo quarantine upon landing there.
The UK government has announced relaxation in international travel rules for vaccinated people coming in and out of England. However, fully vaccinated Indians who received Covishield the Serum Institute of India produced Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine would still be required to undergo a pre-departure PCR test and further tests on landing in the UK.
Congress MP Shashi Tharoor spoke exclusively to India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai.

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Date: September 28, 2021

41 thoughts on “Vaccine Racism By UK? Shashi Tharoor Speaks To Rajdeep Sardesai On UK's Quarantine Rules For Indians

  1. Tharur is a negative minded idiot.he is all the time against UK.he must work to make progress of India,progress of UK India trade, friendship.he is disturbing India and indians

  2. Thanks for the decision given by Tharoor for boycotting UK due to discriminatory policy of UK against India. It is not british rule.

  3. It s not only for visitors from India, its 10 day quarantine and 2 pcr tests for unvaxxed Europeans and British, too. They want to force everyone to take this vax? Question is why ,when most quickly recover. Boris is destroying lives by enforcing these ridiculous quarantine rules forthe healthy with negative covid tests.

  4. Stupids.,..UK is sunk permenant….do not import from UK….simple….get their citizens revaccinated by Bharat…easy..sun is not only sunk….these Abrahamics….are still in dark ages….island is quarantined🇮🇳

  5. Apparently the sons and daughters of the world's largest and most corrupt empire feels India will fake certificates is quite astonishing. Aren't they the same people who sit on the riches of the loots done on all other countries by them. And now the arrogance to sit on those loots and claim we produce fake certificates, need some high level ignorance on their part. Quite fascinating!!

  6. Lootmaar ko kya suljhe ga, pehele UK ne loota duniya ko ab US loot raha hai, shayad Boris ko koi toh bataye honge ki ek aur kohinoor diamond hai bharat me, pehle se woh log hume neecha dikha ke phayida utthayen hai,

  7. Shashi tharoor brought up a very important point that in our country people take fake degrees, have anyone heard what is said after that he said P M Modi has fake degree. what is the degree of Sonia gandhi and rahul gandhi they say they are oxford graduate. Is oxford selling fake degrees.Can Congress MP Taroor verify for us Oxford degrees of Gandhi family.

    Number two Rajdeep sirdesai is talking about sun has already set on British empire , they are still living in colonial and doing racism. when british see that congress is ruled by italian lady then what is the point in blaming british. Congress has this gulam mentality.

  8. Many people are suggesting that we have to do reciprocal ban on UK citizens.
    Though it looks logical, it in turn affects people mostly of Indian origin.
    It is better to target British interest in other ways. Maybe target UK companies or their other strategic interests.
    Bring a law that countries which do discrimination on Indian origin people then those countries companies have to pay more taxes.
    We should speak in a way they understand.

  9. Beside better Standard uk and usa suffer a lot in covid and still suffering,what are their excuse? Imagine if India hasn't devloped any vaccine,the same uk and usa would treat us like guinea pig.Its just they can't digest how a country with poor infrastructure can vaccinated at this pace and moreover a digital certificate no a hand written paper.

  10. Indian has to blame themselves for this state of affairs. Indian diplomacy has failed- period.
    Why don’t you guys reciprocate the same way ? Do it and you will see how this British government react.
    I have seen uneducated white people ruling educated Indians in England UAE and Australia
    Indian government needs to do MUCH. MORE

  11. If Shashi is serious about this issue, he should stop his usual nonsense and not politicize the issue by talking of Modi's degree at this stage. Not only UK but all other countries like UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain having the same rule as UK and India's Foreign Ministry along with Health Ministry should have taken up this issue with all other before and sorted out long back. After all, vaccines which are protecting 80+ crore people and plus a few millions all over the world, including UK, MUST be approved by every country in the world. Otherwise, let us stop export of vaccines and have reciprocal rules for all. Period.

    Further, Jaishankar should have cancelled his meeting with the British Foreign Secretary and postponed it until this issue is sorted. Trade and all other issues could have waited. Please learn from how France reacted recently. We need to put our foot down and make our presence felt.

  12. I am surprised to find that this comment section is full of indian vs Indian. The jokes that indian hates only indian is no more s joke.

  13. British decision is correct against Indian vaccine. Everything is possible in India anyone can make fake vaccination certificate.

  14. 1. Tharoor did not abandon in London trip in protest. He says himself his reasons given were ‘the 10 day quarantine wasn’t worth my time’. Nothing to do with discrimination.
    2. Tharoor was told by British ‘insiders’ that the issue was a ‘fake certificate issue like our PM’. Tharoor being a sissy (or idiot) did not protest asking why then Pakistanis and Bangladeshis were allowed (theirs are the most dubious certificates)? I did not expect Tharoor to be a man of honor and stand up for his PM.
    3. People like Tharoor is why Indian foreign policy has traditionally lacked spine and assertiveness.

  15. This same Congress party has not objected to UK during their regime to show Pok as part of Pakistan in Collin world map which publishes such.

  16. The pseudo Shashi waits for such opportunities, Does he know that you can buy Covid vaccine certificates for Rs. 250/ in India?

  17. Thank you Doctor Tharoor for speaking out the truth regarding the easy accessibility of fake certificates — whether it is a university degree or vaccines…..

  18. Indian industrialists must Stay clear of UK for a while. AS SUCH UK SHOPS are empty of goods, Don't under stand what they are so conceited about!

  19. forget all the stupid rules about vaccinations…it is still not clear what countries are doing with a virus which is still much less dangerous than dengue … any answers???? for sure not

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