Venezuela’s political crisis appears to be reaching boiling point amid growing efforts by the opposition to unseat the socialist president, Nicolás Maduro.

The South American country has been caught in a downward spiral for years with growing political discontent further fuelled by skyrocketing hyperinflation, power cuts and shortages of food and medicine.

More than three million Venezuelans have left the country in recent years.

But what exactly is behind the crisis rocking Venezuela?

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  1. Seems all opinions are poor political and economic background… Venezuela is in this condition due to USA sactions and previous coups to overthrow President Hugo Chavez… BBC stop promoting propaganda trying to gain USA favouritism… Look at what USA done to Latin America since 1950's

  2. After someone got their buts kicked in Syria. No worries they had plan B. Called Fast and Furious. Mass of weapons got through Mexico and down to Venezuela. This plan was put on through Bill Clinton and Obama presidency. There is no way British and French scum going to buy oil and gas. They are going to colonize Venezuela. Save dollar and build a wall. That's not all I bet there is lots more natural resources that France, England, Spain, Greece…. needs. And they just don't have. So guess what? "Come, come, doggy doggy." I mean, Go get them America. Give them good old democracy. And so history repeats it self.

  3. Yes, do not mention the embargoes and sanctions that crippled economy, international tax on Venezuela oil, freezing assets of companies that trade with Venezuela. Any country that buys Venezuelan oil also gets economic sanctions… Hmm where have I seen this tactic before? IRAQ in 1990's. Exact same strategy to have population suffer until leader don't give up oil and gold for Fiat currency and allow Central banking system to establish itself in the country!

  4. GM racks up big loss from Venezuela's plant takeover.This happened in 2017. Google it. This is socialism. Government takes over private property. Thinking government can do it better.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. That's why Venezuela it in such a bad situation.

  5. why the US is not helping other low-living countries.
    “They should be worried about the problems of Somalia, Sudan, Guatemala, where there are not so many mineral resources, but the people are starving. Of course the Americans will take their day. when they say that they will impose an oil embargo on Venezuela, they have already announced today that they will fulfill all their obligations under the contracts, will force them to fulfill their obligations under the contracts, and Venezuela will put the money in a closed depository. Plus, then they will start talking about sanctions against countries that fulfill their obligations under contracts with Venezuela. Americans will introduce unthinkable conditions for Venezuela and put pressure on Europe. Britain has already announced that it will not transfer the foreign exchange reserves of Venezuela

  6. What did you then expect when that ridicule Venezuelan "telenovela Stalin" figure, President Nicolas Maduro, who was before a socialistic buss driver in Caracas and who has partly Jewish family roots, got dictatorship power in Venezuela after President Hugo Chavez died? With good governing and without massive scale corruption and totally incompetent leaders natural resource, especially oil, rich Venezuela could be one of the wealthiest countries in America. Look at for example the extremely wealthy oil rich Northern European welfare state Norway and those modern descendants of the ancient Germanic Vikings living there in their today extremely wealthy "Lykkeland/Luckyland" and compare it to Venezuela today. Greetings from Northern Europe, from partly arctic Finland. Norway is one of our neighbour countries by the way.

  7. The aftermath of america's systemized destruction of communist latino nations
    believe me ,,
    if only arabs and latinos could agree on something ,, its this

  8. How about the US relives sanctions. And Britain gives them their gold? You destroy them financially then have coordinated media propaganda aimed at instigating another bloody military intervention. Worse of all msm media outlets have spook/intelligence trolls in the comments screaming SOCIALISM. Pathetic

  9. Venezuela taxed Farmers out of their land and subsidised petrol!
    To be a successful country all they need to do is tax petrol and subsidize Farmers.
    Every civilised country supports its farmers in some way because human beings cannot live without food

  10. Vietnam once desired to break the chain and be free from the yoke of a colonial power, to venture down the road of self-determination, an arrogant cold war era United States said, oh, no you don’t, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people in years of a senseless war. Fast forward to present day United States, such arrogance has not yet waned, regional arrogance and pomposity linked to the Monroe Doctrine, may soon be used to rain in Venezuela, the result may mean, just as many deaths that once graced the front pages of newspapers, now media sites, much like the Vietnam war did, all so many years ago, with thousands of lives lost…

  11. A reply to Lara R. who probably works for Integrity Initiative – Zimbabwe is in chaos, millions destitute due to a sham election that put a Mugabe crony into power, violent crack-downs on any protest and punitive punishments, murders, rape sprees by soldiers and a country in total turmoil with endemic poverty. Where is the USA, why are they and their vassals not crying out at the UNSC for new elections and declaring (obscene arrogance) that there should be another president ?
    No oil – No interest. I was being nice before now I am stating that you are a grubby little propagandist who is promoting a coup (which will be violent) that will cost thousands their lives and perhaps even a civil war and either way Venezuelans will be worse off than they are now and a major factor in the economic problems of Venezuela are the 20 years of US sanctions, destabilisation projects, black ops and assassination attempts (Chavez and Maduro). You think that the US and their serfs can declare who does or does not rule a legitimate independent nation – you are both dangerous and pathetic. You call Maduro a dictator but I am sure that it is the USA who is doing the dictating – telling the country of Venezuela who their leader is. You are a liar and probably a paid shill and busted. Please feel free to reply – I am more than happy to dismantle your bullshit twice a day, every day, forever.
    Yours sincerely, Jam.


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