Four people have reportedly died in overnight clashes ahead of mass opposition protests in Venezuela.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to join a march on Wednesday in a bid to topple President Nicolás Maduro’s government.

The protests will mark 61 years since the fall of the country’s military dictatorship in 1958.

National Assembly president Juan Guaidó, who organised the march, called it a “historic appointment”.

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  1. That didn't look like a mass protest it didn't even look like a protest only a normal crowd of people gathering just like they do anytime someone of important's is hired to work for them. BBC you lie, we want to hear from the poor people of the country first and then all your gibberish can be explained !!!

  2. Does the people opinion matter anymore? You are all crazy blaming USA or UK or Russia or whatever. The people want Maduro down because they are hungry. That's the only thing that matters.

  3. Astonishingly naked regime change for oil grab… NATO countries plundering again. And they wonder why they're struggling to recruit people in the army. Amoral and consequentially self defeating.

  4. Careful with your photos BBC. Looks like the protests are shrinking in size day by day. I saw one demonstration of you tube which was declared to be a protest but they were holding signs saying "Yankee go home". They were actually supporting Maduro.

  5. I think Maduro must leave the country and do something else, instead of being there and keep doing his own bad thins. Before venezuela was a poor country, it was one of the richest country until Madero takes the charge of president illegaly (from president to a dictator), he ignores the courts, the unions, the university and those problems take the country into manifestations, the people start attacking the other people and that have big consecuences that take the military leader to give up his charge, since the 2004 there were no legal elections, Chavez was the responsable of the hit of state, this is just an example of the real dictatorship of Chavez.

  6. so u cant get rid of assad now remove the venezuelan president try to bomb iran so do u rig every country elections give them big bucks you will fail venezuelan president to assad was a good person he didnt poison his people

  7. Pro US-Guaidó mob killing pro-government supporters by dowsing them with petrol and setting them on fire, Climate of US/rebel terrorism, the Venezuelans don't want Guaidó or to give their oil reserves to US.

  8. Doble face those countries who are supporting regimen Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 murdering innocent children with weapons supplied by theose countries that using the excuse of human rights, democracy liberty but here we can see what the real interest it doesn't matter human rights and democracy liberty the most important thing are business oil Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves of the world

  9. The UK ambassador to the UN claimed that the ballot boxes were stuffed with Maduro votes even before the elections began .. Yet Venezuela uses electronic voting system. If you gonna lie at least have the decency to do some basic research and show some respect for our intelligence.

  10. Is it going to be the same formula we have seen every time for the last 15 years ? 1./ First get the NGO’s in there promoting discontent , organising resistance and demos against the government. 2./ Within riots and protests push the unrest and rioting to a point the government has to use it’s soldiers and none lethal arms to arrest and push back what will by this stage be called Freedom fighters. 3./ Have some special ops blending in with the mob and have them start the shooting and to make sure there are fatalities amongst the mob. 4./ Have the obedient propaganda press give your narrative and only yours: ‘Look the Government are killing their own people’ we must act . 5./. Have the USA pass a resolution and then announce you are backing and arming the rebels without approval from the UN . 6./ Bomb the infrastructure of the said country. 7./. Have your troops in the country , take it over. put a couple of military bases there which NEVER leave In this story the goodies are actually the baddies. And it’s the same old lies and formula every time [Well enumerated but you missed one crucial stage.
    – Impose sanctions to weaken that country's economy and incite discontent last point: (Thanks Truthteller)]


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