Video manipulation: 'I never said that' – BBC News


This facial mapping technology has been designed to improve television language dubbing, but it also has strong potential for those seeking to deceive.

BBC’s Media Editor Amol Rajan looks at the benefits and risks – and tries it out himself.

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This story is part of a series by the BBC on disinformation and fake news – a global problem challenging the way we share information and perceive the world around us.

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Date: July 10, 2020

47 thoughts on “Video manipulation: 'I never said that' – BBC News

  1. No, it's common knowledge the BBC is fake news. Sir Cliff, manipulation of the miners strike, one-sided brexit reporting, et al. I am surprised they don't put out a disclaimer. One reason not to watch the BBC and I am happy to report I am oblivious of their programs.

  2. Great. Now rightwing trolls will plague the world with BS videos of politicians and celebs saying horrific crap with their own voices……the ignorant fools that eat that propaganda up even now will gobble it up and believe it like lemmings.

  3. Safety mechanisms? Yeah good luck with that.
    The absolute best you can do is develop technology alongside these tools to better detect forgeries, and even that effort is going to fail very very quickly.

  4. UK Intelligence assets are running a covert operation pretending to represent the Russian Federation using a disinformation campaign to try to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States of America. The assets include Matt Tait infiltrating the University of Austin, C. S. infiltrating the Trump Tower IT service, the employees of Orbis Business Intelligence, Joseph Mifsud and other employees of Link Campus University colocated at the University of Malta, High Commissioner to the UK Alexander John Gosse Downer, Stefan A. Halper and associates, along with others at GCHQ, in London, Greece and Israel. They pretend to be working as British spies, but are not engaged in collecting information. Instead, they fabricate disinformation about links to to the Russian Federation in a plot to overthrow the U.S. government. They put forth unsubstantiated claims to be working with Peter W. Smith, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, and the Trumps, all of which have been denied. Such an operation would need to be authorized at the UK Foreign Secretary level and could not be a rogue operation.

  5. Stop watching the news i say. It's all doom and gloom. Let us all get outside and celebrate life. Whoever reads this your task after reading this is to make at least 10 people smile, just by smiling at them. Spread the love it costs nothing.

  6. another non story by the main stream media, this isn't really a problem and never really used, but they keep pushing stories like this to proclaim "fake news" is getting out of hand.

  7. Surprise surprise and a the latest iPhone can read your face and now open with your face only a matter of time before some one steals your face and used some were else I say no to it finger print unlocking is already being used and some one is gathering data etc

  8. I find this to be worrying. Will we, at some time in the near future, have to stop relying on facial and voice recognition to attribute ideas and information to other humans? I am aware it effectively arouses the paranoid mind, but given the sheer power (a key word here) that information holds in any political or economic system, I feel it is sensible to be worried and anticipate. The question is, how?

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