Video Of Nurse Singing To Cancer Patient Goes Viral


32 thoughts on “Video Of Nurse Singing To Cancer Patient Goes Viral

  1. Dancing in the sky is one of the best song I’ve heard it got played at my cousin funeral a couple of weeks ago couldn’t do nothing but cry because it means so much to me 💙❤️

  2. Angeles come in many forms to bring Peace, Love and Joy. I have ALS and I know that my condition is getting near its end. I would know that I would be TRULY BLESSED to have someone to old my hand and sing to me in my last hours of life. I am sure Margaret felt such love and peace at that moment! God BLESS this wonderful compassionate, caring nurse Angel who gave such love to Margaret! I have no doubt that one day She and Margret will dance together in the sky ! And Margaret will be smiling big and bright! Pray for me that I will be This Blessed when the Lord calls me home!❤

  3. At the time of watching this,,221 thumbs down,,you have got to be kidding me,,what is wrong with the 221 people,,this video is sad but very sweet at the same time ,,i love the nurse you are an angel ,,, at God bless you ,

  4. Wish we had more caring, compassionate , dedicated and helpful people in the world like this dedicated nurse!
    You do not have to be a medically trained person to show love and compassion and to soothe those pain.
    You just have to have a kind heart!

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