Violin virtuoso inspired – Shen Yun in Rochester, NY


Charles Castleman, Professor of Violin at the Eastman School of Music saw Shen Yun Performing Arts in Rochester, NY and was full of praise for the show and its performers.

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A violin prodigy, then virtuoso, Dr Castleman has performed for over 50 years and also taught music for 42 of those years. He created the unique Castleman Quartet Program and performing greats like Yo-yo Ma have donated master classes to the program inspiring a generation of musicians.

Dr Castleman showered high praise on Shen Yun Performing Arts after seeing the show in Rochester, NY.

[Charles Castleman, Professor of Violin, Eastman School of Music]:
“The show is spectacular, it’s a wonderful show! The dancers are amazing. The singers are excellent. And, the woman who played the Chinese instrument was really wonderful. I was particularly impressed by the effects where they used the screen in the back to make people seem like they disappear. Just wonderful. The costumes were beautiful. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve never had an experience quite like it. Just wonderful.”

Dr Castleman had a true fondness for two programs.

[Charles Castleman, Professor of Violin, Eastman School of Music]:
“Bowl dance, the Mongolian bowl dance, I couldn’t believe it. Also, near the end the scarves, they were also spectacular, just amazing!”

He believes that Shen Yun is opening a window to Chinese Culture.

[Charles Castleman, Professor of Violin, Eastman School of Music]:
“It’s a glimpse of a culture that we admire and we don’t know that much about. I think this gives us an important glimpse into what the culture really is. I’ve just become familiar with a whole different kind of art form that I wouldn’t have known before.”

Shen Yun has inspired Dr Castleman to find out more about Chinese culture and music.

[Charles Castleman, Professor of Violin, Eastman School of Music]:
“It’s made me want to know more. I would be interested in playing some of this music or trying some of it myself. If this production weren’t here there would be no way for me to know this.”

Watch Shen Yun and find inspiration for yourself when its North American tour continues to Milwaukee, WI, February 19-20 and Fort Worth, TX, February 20.

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Date: February 15, 2020

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